10 Top Fitness Hacks

Want to get fit fast? There’s a hack for that! Actually, there are 10 of them…check out our list!

Top 10 Fitness Hacks

1. Get Some Cool Gear

Really? Yes! It makes a difference to your workout, to wear gear that fits well and looks good. Would you go to the office wearing PJs? Wearing the right clothes for whatever activity you’re engaged with makes you feel good. Sure, you could do power yoga in an old tee shirt and saggy leggings, but exactly how good will that make you feel?

2. Take a Slice of Exercise

No time to get to the gym? Exercise in short, sharp bursts throughout the day. During the adverts on TV: 10 burpees, 10 sit-ups and 10 star jumps. Then repeat. Waiting for the coffee machine to produce your morning cup? One minute plank and a handstand. You get the idea. It’s fun and an easy way to feel like you’ve achieved something.

3. Listen to a Favorite Podcast…

When you’re concentrating on something you want to listen to, you zone out from the fact that you’re totally killing it on the running machine. Go you!

4. …Or Your Favorite Music

We’re not even going to pretend that you haven’t heard this hack before, but it would be remiss of us not to include it. This isn’t the time to try to impress anyone with your urbane, uber-cool playlist. No one’s listening except you. If you know that cheesy 80’s movie themes is what makes you hit your stride, then play Eye of The Tiger on a loop if that’s what gets you moving!

5. Stretch Into the Morning

Greet the morning with some energizing, wake-up stretches. It feels really good and it’s brilliant for maintaining a basic level of flexibility.


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6. Get a Workout Buddy

But choose carefully…the perfect workout friend is someone who won’t quit on you after two sessions; is at a similar place to you in terms of fitness level, and shares your fitness goals. The wrong workout buddy can quickly become a hindrance instead of a motivator!

7. Compete But Don’t Compare

Comparison is the thief of joy, goes the saying. It’s true. You feel awesome, you’ve lifted your heaviest weight, increased your reps or run 20 k for the first time and feel amazing. Then someone tells you that they’ve lifted more, ran further and faster, and they did it in better gym gear than you.

If you compare your results to others, then you might well feel deflated and as though your own achievement is somehow diminished. It’s not. You’re doing brilliantly. A bit of healthy competition with people you admire is great, but if comparing progress and results with your peers leaves you feeling flat, stop doing it.

8. Eat Well…

Health and wellness is intrinsically linked with eating healthily. A balanced diet based around fruit, veggies, pulses and wholefoods, that minimizes processed or fatty, and refined sugars, is energizing and makes you feel great. The odd treat is fine – we all need them – but snacking on unhealthy junk foods, or not getting enough fiber and balanced nutrition can make you feel sluggish and lethargic.

9. … and Sleep Well

You can’t fulfil your fitness potential if you don’t get the rest you need. Think of sleep as a kind of holistic nourishment for your mind and body. Get enough of it, and you’ll reap the benefits 24/7.

10. Drink Ionized Alkaline Water

Drinking enough water is vital to all aspects of our health, but installing a water ionizer at home and drinking ionized alkaline water pays energy dividends that regular water – tap or bottled – cannot compete with.

Many sports professionals drink Tyent Water and consider it to be an essential part of their kit. Why? Because the molecular hydrogen content delivers an incredible energy boost and cuts recovery time to max your performance every time.

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