What are the Benefits of Using a Water Ionizer?

Wow.  Where to start?   Well, from the very first time you drink Tyent ionized water, you’ll be changing things for the better.  Even that first glass will impact positively on your health.  Take a look at this amazing video to actually watch how quickly ionized water gets to work inside your body.   You’ll be amazed!

water ionizer
Some people literally can’t get enough of Tyent ionized water.

What Can Your Water Ionizer Do for You?

Packed with immunity-boosting properties, mineral-rich ionized water is more hydrating than regular water, which means that you’re more likely to stay properly hydrated, even when you’re on the go.

Recovery time following exercise is cut as well, as ionized water is more readily absorbed into your cells, where it can work on neutralizing lactic acid.  

Looking Good!

Want to look younger?  Drink ionized water!  Regular water cannot hold a candle to the astonishing effect that ionized water can have on your skin.  Free radicals contribute significantly to the aging process but can be stopped in their tracks by the powerful, neutralizing antioxidants in every glass of ionized water.

From increasing your energy levels to assisting with weight loss: ionized water is a true health hero.

Spring Cleaning with your Water Ionizer!

But it’s not just your health that benefits; ionized water is brilliant around the home as well.  Herbicide and pesticide residues on your fruit and vegetables cannot be properly washed away with regular water, but Tyent acidic turbo water from your ionizer emulsifies the unwanted chemicals, enabling you to rinse them safely away.

Turbo Water is your spring-cleaning buddy!  Use it to spritz surfaces for a sanitary shine; get to work on mirror spots and grimy windows and even try using it as a naturally refreshing mouthwash!

What the Experts Think!

An increasing number of doctors, health experts, sports professionals and world class athletes are lining up to sing the praises of the incredible health benefits of having freshly ionized water on tap. Hear what renowned pitching coach Tom House has to say about the benefits of drinking Tyent water:


You can also read some of our customer testimonials for more of the positive effects that owning a Tyent water ionizer has had on their lives.  Just imagine what one can do for you!

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