Conserving Water? America is Winning!

Well, here’s some good news! Americans are conserving water at a higher volume than ever before, according to a prominent US Geological Survey.

In 1980, we were using around 112 gallons of water per day each. This plummeted to 88 gallons per day in 2005 and 82 gallons per day in 2015, marking a 27 percent decrease, despite the population increasing by 4 percent during that time.

conserving water
America is conserving water like never before! Credit: The Fiscal Times

Winning at Domestic Water Use!

The survey also highlights how domestic water use is relatively small compared to the various ways that water is used on an industrial scale. However, the signs that we’re using significantly less of domestic water are encouraging.

Home water use includes laundry, washing, drinking, flushing toilets and food preparation. We’re doing well, but there’s a note of caution.

Although our average per capita domestic water use is in decline, we’re still using much more domestic water than the rest of the world. The average person in the UK uses 37 gallons of water per day and in Germany, the figure is even lower at 32 gallons of water per day.

This comparison isn’t surprising; a likely factor is that our water supply is much cheaper than other countries.

Water Conservation and Climate Change

Water conservation is vital as the climate changes. Installing a rainwater barrel for watering the garden and using a low flush toilet are easy steps to take towards conserving water.

How about the water that we drink? Millions of people still use disposable plastic bottles of water, despite the extortionate cost of doing so.

But the slew of stories in the press about America’s water supply being contaminated with some seriously scary toxins has put off many people from trusting their tap water when it comes to quenching their thirst.

So…what’s the answer to conserving water safely? Drinking alkaline water from a Tyent water ionizer machine!

Tyent Water Ionizers Transform Your Water Supply!

This is where a water ionizer really comes into its own. A water ionizer machine plumbs easily into your existing water supply and transforms your regular tap water into delicious, clean, ionized alkaline water.

water ionizer
It’s EASY to install a Tyent water ionizer at home!

Energize Your Body with a Tyent Alkaline Water Machine!

Press a button on the smartphone-style keypad on one of the Tyent water ionizers and serve up a glass of instantly filtered hydrogen-rich alkaline water that tastes amazing and is full of antioxidants that your body needs.

After you drink Tyent hydrogen water – you will immediately start to energize your body at a cellular level for a healthy difference you can feel!

Let’s Talk!

Give yourself a pat on the back for being part of the solution when it comes to reducing water waste!

Take the next step and give us a call at to find out how easy it is to install a Tyent water ionizer at home so that you can start conserving water safely while enjoying the alkaline water benefits to come.

You should also look at this FREE and handy Water Ionizer Cheat Sheet that will tell you everything that you need to know about water ionizers.

Cheers to water conservation and the health benefits of Tyent hydrogen-rich alkaline water!

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    1. Hi, Melissa. You’ll be happy to know that ionized water from a Tyent ionizer can be used for non-drinking purposes. You can use alkaline turbo water to remove oil-based herbicides and pesticides from your produce, while you can clean surfaces with acidic turbo water to remove bacteria. Apart from this, acidic level 1 water, which we call Beauty Water, is great for toning your skin and rinsing and maintaining the shine of your hair.

      If you want to see over 75 uses for Tyent Water, download our comprehensive Uses Guide today. You can also speak with our water experts at 855-893-6887 to know more about our water and ionizers.

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