7 Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

Alkaline water…alkaline foods…alkaline diet… Let’s face it: alkalinity is the new black. In terms of pH balance, many people are chasing an alkaline state rather than an acidic one, but what are the main benefits of doing so?



1. Boost Your Immune System

When your body has the perfect pH balance, your overall health is more robust; primed to support every vital physical function, and help it to thrive. Your immune system is a complex network of physiological constituent parts that – like the rest of your body – benefits from balanced pH levels.

2. Supporting Good Kidney Health

The kidneys are key to helping with a healthy pH balance. Metabolic Acidosis is a condition that can occur when your kidneys are struggling to cope with an acidic diet, leading to a pH imbalance. Experts believe that drinking alkaline water and following an alkaline diet can help to support good kidney health.

3. Helps to Support Good Bone Health

Medical research has found that an alkaline diet rich in fruit and vegetables might help to increase bone density. One long-term clinical study by Scottish researchers of 3000 women – while concerned primarily with genetic factors – found that a higher consumption of vegetables and fruit contributed to better bone health.

4. May Help to Preserve Muscle Mass

A 2008 research report into whether an alkaline diet ‘favors lean tissue mass in older adults’ concluded that: “…much of the loss of lean tissue mass that occurs with aging can likely be prevented by increasing the intake of alkaline potassium salts to the recommended level.”


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5. Alkaline Water Might Help to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

A comprehensive 2014 clinical study, initially published in the German Diabetologia, observed 66,485 women over 14 years, for the purpose of appraising the potential connection between an acidic diet and the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes. The report concluded that: “We have demonstrated for the first time in a large prospective study that dietary acid load was positively associated with type 2 diabetes risk.”

6. Positive Impact on Cardiovascular Health?

The jury is officially still out, but many medical experts and researchers believe that an acidic diet may be a contributing factor to poor cardiovascular health, compared with a ‘neutral’ or slightly alkaline pH.

7. It Can Help You to Lose Weight!

If you’re hoping to drop a few pounds, then The Alkaline Diet can help you do it! Need help? We take a closer look at the popular diet plan right here! And the perfect drink to accompany your Alkaline Diet? Tyent alkaline water, of course!

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