No Kidding – Healthy Kidneys, Healthy You

Unless we have a specific reason to do so, many of us don’t think too much about the health of our kidneys.  After all, if we’re in good health, then we can just assume that they’re happy enough getting on with the job of…of… actually, what do kidneys do exactly?  

We might be small, but we’re pretty important, y’know.

We know they filter stuff out, but what?  And how? More importantly, how can we help them to do it better and more efficiently?  

Bean There, Done That

Well, kidneys are incredibly sophisticated things.  Bean-shaped and around the size of an adult fist, our kidneys play a vital role in keeping us healthy.   

Our blood circulates through the kidneys about 12 times every hour.  That means that they process around 200 liters of blood every single day and turn excess fluid and waste into urine.  

Multi-Tasking Organs

Not only that, your hard-working kidneys:

  • Help to regulate blood pressure
  • Manage vitamin D levels – essential for bone health
  • Produce erythropoietin, a hormone that instructs bone marrow to produce vital red blood cells
  • Control pH levels
Too Much Acid = Danger

But despite their efficiency, your kidneys can become overwhelmed.  Metabolic acidosis is a condition that begins in the kidneys, when they are no longer able to remove sufficient acid from the blood and a pH imbalance occurs.  

Metabolic acidosis can happen as a result of breathing issues, but increasingly is due to having a diet that is simply too acidic.  The modern Western diet often includes more sugar than ever before and larger quantities of meat than our ancestors. Both of these are major contributors to acidosis, along with fat and salt.  

What can we do to help our kidneys do their job properly and stay healthy?  

Hydration Help

Reducing sugar, salt and fats is a great idea and one your kidneys will thank you for.  Drinking lots of water is also vital for kidney health. As the summer approaches with (hopefully!) it’s long, hot days, hydration becomes even more important.  

Drinking plenty of water means that you urinate more often, flushing out bacteria and therefore reducing the risk of developing kidney stones or UTIs.

Ionized Tyent Water Tastes Great!

So if you’re going to be drinking all that water to support healthy, hydrated kidney function, then why not make it the best water out there?

Tyent Water is packed with energizing hydrogen and vital minerals; it tastes clean, clear and delicious.  When water is this good, it’s easy to drink enough of it!    

Water Ionizer – Easy to Buy and Use

Buying and fitting a Tyent Water Ionizer is a breeze, and we can even help with attractive financing options to suit your budget.  Why not check out our Cheat Sheet for more on why Tyent Water is such a great all-round choice?  

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    1. Hi, Jocelyn. We’re glad to hear that we helped! 🙂 You can read this article to learn about the effect of sugary drinks on your kidneys.

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