It’s Fun Friday Here at Tyent USA!

                                                         Hey everybody…It’s Fun Friday!    


Chuck  Good advice Chuckster!  It is Friday and we are wrapping up another week of good work creating happy customers here at Tyent USA.


Before we close the doors though, I’d like to leave you with a funny joke, a true dumb criminal story and some outtakes from a movie.  


You Asked Me

Couple  A reporter was interviewing a Guru, a Minister, and a Rabbi for a magazine article.  As he was wrapping-up he said, “In closing, I’d like to ask you three the same personal question. What would you like someone to say at your funeral?”  The Guru closed his eyes and gently said, “He sought enlightenment.”  “Oh, that’s good,” said the reporter.  He turned to the Minister.  “And what would you like someone to say at your funeral Reverend?” The Minister juts out his chin, smiles and says, “He was a man of God.”  “Very nice,” the reporter replies.  He then turns to the Rabbi.  “And what would you like someone to say at your funeral Rabbi?”  The Rabbi bites his bottom lip in deep contemplation.  Suddenly his arm shoots straight out and with finger pointing cries, “Look…he’s moving!”  



license plate    When I was on the road interviewing police officers across the country asking them to tell me about the dumbest criminals they had ever encountered, I heard some good ones.  Here’s one that stood out.  


I See the Light!

Just outside Lawrence, Kansas, police were called to an all-night market that had just been robbed at gunpoint.  Two police units responding to the scene spot a man running through a back yard in the dark.  They jump from their cars and give chase.  The robber later admitted that he wasn’t really worried about the police as he had planned his robbery well.  He knew the neighborhood, he was a fast runner, and it was very dark out that night.  It didn’t take long for the thief to elude the two officers but he was surprised when two more fell in behind him.  As he ducked and dodged weaving in and out of yards he couldn’t seem to shake them from his tail.  Wherever he ran an officer was right there behind him.  Eventually, enough officers showed up and were in hot pursuit that the suspect just sat down and gave up.  Frustrated, he asked the cops how it was that no matter what he did they remained hot on his trail.  “It’s the lights” one officer responded.  “Oh, you mean you had infra red lights to track me with?”  “No,” said the officer.  “The lights on the heels of your tennis shoes.  Every time your feet hit the ground you shoes would light up, which made it very easy to follow you!”  



True story.


Time to go.  Here are some outtakes from Night at the Museum for you to enjoy.


Have a great weekend everybody.


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