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sunrise-atlantic-ocean-coast-fl-usa    We just returned from a relaxing week in Florida, the Sunshine State.  Whoever gave Florida that nickname sure got it right.  The only rain we ever saw was on the drive down and the drive back.  Every day spent on the beach was hot, sunny and relaxing.  It was also very dehydrating.




The Tyent TYgo


While I was basking before an ocean of water, the water inside my body was quickly evaporating.  Regular hydration was paramount.  Thank goodness, I had taken my handy TYgo from Tyent USA.  This portable fountain of youth not only quenched our thirst but also kept our bodies well hydrated and saved us some good money we might have spent on bottled water all week long.  To my surprise, my TYgo bottle was not the only one I saw there on the beach.  In fact, I saw maybe a half dozen or so during that week and since I had some time to chat, I asked people why they had chosen to carry a TYgo portable alkalizer with them instead of just a jug of water.


Are you serious?” smiled Craig Daily, of Peoria, Illinois.  “Where do you want me to start?” “We’ve been coming to Florida for awhile now and wouldn’t think of hitting the beach without our TYgo.  You know kids…they won’t sit still.  They love running up and down the beach and we have to make sure they stay hydrated and this little baby (holding up his TYgo) makes it so much easier.  Plus, I know they’re drinking good water.  They can stop in for a quick pit stop, get a good drink of water and be back on the go in a few seconds.  They love it too!”

I told him that I knew they were convenient (I held up mine) but so were a lot of portable water carriers.  His reply, “This isn’t just a water carrier, it is a water purifier that produces great water!”  “You could be a salesman for Tyent”, I joked.  “I probably could be…I love it!” he shouted, chasing after a beach ball that went rolling by during our talk.


 two-kids-running    I struck up conversations with a few more TYgo toters throughout the week and heard pretty much the same thing from them all.  I came away feeling good knowing that people recognize the importance of not only drinking water for hydration on these hot beaches, but the necessity of drinking water that is pure and actually good for them.

I decided that when I returned home, my first Blog would be on the TYgo so others could learn why this portable purifier is so much more than just a sporty looking water holder.


                                            Five Important Reasons to Use the Tygo

  Transforms ordinary tap water into purified alkaline drinking water

  Introduces healthy minerals into the body often lost in processed water

  Bio-ceramic filter reduces impurities, chlorine, heavy metals, and insecticides

  Creates great tasting water unlike cheapo plastic containers

  Filters up to 800 liters of pure fresh water before needing to replace the filter



                                            How About Three More?

   No need to ever purchase expensive bottled water

   No contribution to the landfills like store-bought plastic bottles

   Conveniently goes anywhere you go such as hiking, jogging, the beach
Although I felt I knew a bit about the TYgo portable alkalizer, I was impressed by the fact that the good people I spoke with in Florida knew about as much as I did.  I suppose that’s why they were carrying one as well.

So, whatever your plans are for the summer, if they include getting out in the hot sun, be sure to drink plenty of fresh, pure water that you know is not only good for you, but good for the planet too.  The best way to do both is with a TYgo portable alkalizer from Tyent USA.


Bright sun


As the old saying goes, “Don’t leave home without it!


For more information on the TYgo and all of our superior alkaline water products, please click on the link below.



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