Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water versus Tap and Bottled Water


How Do Tap and Bottled Compare to Ionized Alkaline Water?


Lightning-on-the-ocean  Like many people today, you’ve probably heard that drinking ionized alkaline water is better for your health. Ever wonder why that is?  I have, and it raised some legitimate questions.

How can water that has been somehow electronically charged by a water ionization machine be any better for you than bottled or traditional tap water?  And if it truly is better, what are the differences?


Tap Water versus Ionized Alkaline Water


carafe-of-clean-and-dirty-water    By comparison, America has some of the cleanest drinking water available in the world but when you look more closely, you discover it is a far cry from actually being clean water.


*The risks of drinking tap water

To begin with, tap water is laden with dangerous chemicals.  Some argue there are only trace amounts of these contaminants found in tap water and therefore not prevalent enough to be considered contaminated or harmful.  However, if your average tap water contains over two-hundred unwanted chemicals, I consider that contaminated.

Common sense dictates that that many harmful chemicals in your drinking water (in any concentration) cannot be good for you, especially if consumed over a lifetime.

*Additionally, the NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Council) cautions that young children, women who are pregnant, the elderly, and those with chronic illnesses or compromised immune systems can be especially vulnerable to contaminated water.  That pretty much covers most of us doesn’t it?

How Tyent USA helps protect your health

TYENT COUNTERTOP IMAGE    From the moment you install a Tyent ionized alkaline water system, a two-step process begins and the health rewards are immediate.  The first thing that happens is the purification of the water introduced into the system through Tyent’s dual filtration system.  The result is the elimination of 99% of all the harsh chemicals, transforming polluted water into fresh, safe drinking water.

The second step involves electrolysis. Tyent’s 11-plate ionizer passes the water over a series of specially designed, multi-coated platinum plates while electronically zapping the water with a series of positive and negative charges creating ionized alkaline water.


Blue molecular-model-and-flasks-in-laboratory


What makes ionized water better?

Ionized alkaline water is beneficial on many levels including molecular.  Water electronically ionized creates much smaller clusters enabling the water to not only better hydrate the body but also penetrate the cell walls discouraging the formation of free radicals or oxidizing molecules and killing off the ones it finds.

So what about bottled water…Isn’t that good stuff?


set-of-water-labels XL  *While the labels on bottled water make it appear to be really good water, the facts do not bear that out.  The NRDC has done extensive research on bottled water and found that between 25 to 30% comes straight from municipal tap water systems (city water) just like the water in your pipes at home.  Additionally, bottled water undergoes less stringent quality control standards than even tap water.  Less frequent testing and a more lax standard of purity allows for some scary contaminants to be left in bottled water.

Because of the differences in these standards of testing, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration allows for some contaminates to exist in bottled water such as more bacteria, less purity and dangerous substances such as E. coli and even fecal coliform.  The EPA rules however, prohibit such contaminates in tap water.


water-splashing-from-glass  So considering the alternatives, drinking healthy, pure, unadulterated water seems like not just the logical choice, but the only choice, and Tyent USA provides you with the best water purification systems in the world.

I encourage you to look further into the water you put in your body and determine for yourself which water you would rather drink. Bottled, tap, or chemical free and pure?


For the purest, healthiest water you can drink, look no further than investing in your good health with a water purification and alkaline water ionizer system from Tyent USA.  It is simply the best.

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