A World of Water and Fascinating Facts


Water and Our World; Fascinating Facts You Should Know

water drop world    Water, sustainer of life


Water, or H2o, is an enigma.  It can wash away the dirt from your car or an entire town.  It has the power to quench your thirst or to sink a ship.  Water holds the power of life in its every drop, be they too many or too few, as is the case in California right now with their devastating drought.  On May 21st and for the first time this century, the U.S. Drought Monitor declared the entire state of California in a severe drought.


*That is sad news considering water covers about 70% of our planet.  The salt water of the oceans account for 97.5% of all the water on Earth with 2 ½ % being fresh water, most of that water is found in streams, fresh water lakes and imprisoned in ice caps and glaciers.  In fact, nearly 70% of all fresh water is ice.


Water can be both beautiful and calming or violent and frightening.  Water in the form of rain is no respecter of persons.  It falls as it wants.  In the Atacama Desert of Peru, there is no record of rainfall having ever fallen there, making it the driest place on Earth.  By contrast, in Mawsynram, Meghalaya State, India, 467 inches of rain fall each year, making it the wettest place on the planet.



Water 5  Freaky Facts about Water       human-body-silhouettegirl-silhouette


  1. Did you realize that 60% of an adult male’s body is made-up of water while a female’s water content comes in at around 55%?

     2. Your blood is 92% water (Bones 22%)

     3.  Your brain and muscles are about 75% water 

  1.  You can go a month without food but can’t live much longer than a week without water
  1.  3.9 trillion gallons of water are consumed in the U.S. each month




watering-the-fairway-of-a-golf-course    Water stats-who would have guessed?


*The disparity in the use of water in regards to human necessity and human indulgence is mind numbing.  Consider for a moment these three eye opening statistics.


  • According to the UN, 2.5 billion gallons of water is needed to sustain 4.7 billion people daily
  •  2.5 billion gallons of water a day is used to water the world’s golf courses
  •   Less than 1% of all the water on Earth is fresh water that we can access for consumption


Now that last statistic is frightening.  Less than 1%.  That means that if we want clean drinking water, we are in competition for that 1% along with the seven billion other people who want it too.  Unless…you have a water purification system that will transform ordinary tap water from your faucet into pure, safe and delicious, good for you body, water.  That’s when you can be assured that the water you’re drinking will be pure water.

Tyent USA makes the best ionized alkaline water purification systems for your home or office in the world.  Their new 11-Plate model is the 2014 recipient of the coveted Editor’s Choice Award for best water ionizer.  Ionized water is the best you can drink.  Rich in minerals and antioxidants, its deep tissue hydration and free radical fighting properties make Tyent Water systems the smart choice for pure drinking water.


Clean water is becoming scarcer with each passing day.  Unless you plan on spending money every week buying bottled water (whose quality is highly questionable) and doing your part to load up a landfill, you may want to look into a water purifying system from Tyent USA.


To learn more please visit us at Tyentusa.com




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