Hey Everybody…it’s Fun Friday @ Tyent USA!


                                  Hey everybody…It’s Fun Friday!


Friday PeopleYes, thankfully it is Friday and we here at Tyent USA are ready for a beautiful Memorial Day weekend.

How about we close out with a funny joke and a video that will put a smile on your face? That sounds good to me!


Monk  A man grew tired of the hectic life he was leading. He felt he had no life of his own. Between his business, tweeting, texting, cell phones and computers, he never found a quiet moment for himself so he decided to join a Monastery and become a Monk.  Upon his arrival, he was greeted by the Brothers of the Order and after explaining his situation was taken before the head Monk.

I understand your need for solitude.” Spoke the Abbott. “Here, we live quiet and peaceful existences but there are rules which must be strictly adhered to if you wish to stay among us.” “First, you must swear a vow of silence. You must work, eat, and live in total silence for seven years.”

That sounds great!” said the man. The Monk continued.

At the end of seven years you come before me and are allowed to speak two words…and only two words, do you agree to this?”

I do!” So the man goes off to the fields and works in total silence. Seven years pass and he is called before the Abbott.

You have worked diligently in silence for seven years; you may now speak your two words.”

“More food.” said the man.  The Monk smiled and dismissed him.  Seven more years pass and once again, the man is called before the head Monk.

You have been a silent, dedicated worker, speak your two words.”

“Softer bed.”  The Monk acknowledges him and sends him back to work.  Time passes and it has now been twenty-one years since he first came to them and is brought once again before the Abbott.

You have worked in silence again for seven years and may now speak your two words.”

“I quit!” exclaims the man.

I’m not surprised,” says the Monk, “You’ve been complaining since you got here!



Who can resist a funny pet or a cute baby laughing?  This video incorporates both. 




Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend everyone.



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