10 Ways to Make Your Diet More Successful

Don’t leave dieting to chance! If you want to turbo-charge your diet, we’ve got 10 of the best tips to make losing weight way easier!  Read on to find out more!


1. Love Your Diet! Make sure that you follow a diet that works for you. Follow a diet plan that you can sustain. There’s no point in trying stick with a Green Smoothie diet if eating actual food brings you pleasure, or following a protein only eating plan if a slice of toast is the high point of your morning. Dieting involves restricting foods, yes; but a diet that doesn’t suit your lifestyle (or food-style!) is doomed to failure.

2. Get Moving! Take some exercise, or take more! Whichever diet you’re following, you lose weight by consuming fewer calories than you burn. Burn more calories, and the job becomes a whole lot easier! But give yourself attainable fitness goals that you can achieve, build on, and feel encouraged by.

3. Be Mindful: Whatever you eat, do so with your full attention. Be conscious of each mouthful and you’ll eat more slowly and feel satisfied with less food. Be mindful of what triggers your weaker moments and meet them head-on. If you know that you usually experience a low-sugar slump at around 3:30 in the afternoon, make sure you’re suitably distracted at that time and have a healthy but satisfying snack within reach to stop you from grabbing something less diet-worthy.

4. 10,000 Steps: Get a fitness tracker and start walking everywhere. Clocking up 10,000 steps every day is great for your overall wellbeing and helping to manage a healthy weight.

5. Sleep Well: Failure to get enough sleep can trigger hormonal activity that increases appetite and contributes to making bad food choices. Sleep really matters, so make it a priority.


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6. Get a Diet Buddy! An accountability buddy is a real help. When you’re fixing to lose weight, having someone on the journey with you for weak moments and high fives can be invaluable.

7. Drink Water! This is crucial – as well as hydrating your body, drinking hydrogen water from a water ionizer helps to reduce appetite, gives you oodles more energy to play sports and exercise AND boosts your metabolism.

8. Set Goals: Have a specific goal weight and fitness level in mind and chart your progress. Seeing how far you’ve come can spur you on to greater things!

9. Get Outside: During the cooler months, some experts believe that our centrally heated lives are making us bigger. Cool or cold fresh air – or turning down the thermostat – can help to burn up more fat.

10. Love Yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a wobble (or triple chocolate cookie). Put the wobble behind you, face forwards, and remind yourself how fantastic you are for getting healthier and fitter. Don’t reward or console yourself with food. If you’ve settled into the habit of doing exactly that, find an alternative way of reacting to your milestones. A new scented candle or book? A guilt-free half an hour giving yourself a facial massage or enjoying a long, fragranced bath? The more resolutely you can dissociate food from ‘reward,’ the better.

But by the same token, when you have whatever ‘treat’ food you’re allowed on your diet, don’t associate it with guilt. Food shouldn’t make us feel guilty.  The fewer negative associations we have with food, the more healthy our relationship with it can be. When you have a treat food, savor every single bite, lick your fingers, and enjoy the moment.



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