Tyent Water Helps Podcasters Career-Growth Efforts

Podcasting sounds easy. You get a bunch of recording equipment, find something you want to say, and record it, right?


Tyent Water Helps Podcasters Career-Growth Efforts


That’s kind of true, but it’s more complicated than that. Achieving broadcast-quality sound takes technical skill and patience. Talking eloquently and injecting your subject with humor and sincerity, while making it an entertaining listening experience is hard to do. Finally, there’s the recording itself, the bit where you use the most vital piece of equipment – your voice.

Keeping an even, consistent tone (rather than a monotonous one) and keeping control over your vocals takes practice and a sensible approach to health and wellbeing.

Just Breathe

Breath control is key to professional delivery. Podcasters can’t afford to rush to the end of sentences or stop midway through to grab an audible breath. Getting your breathing right helps to give your podcast a slicker sound.

Stay Well

More of us are getting wise to the value of self-care. Don’t just eat vegetables and choose the fruit salad over a gooey chocolate dessert just because you’re supposed to. Do so mindfully, because you love your body and want to treat it well and help it to be robust and healthy.

Sleep Well

Self-care extends to your sleep routine. Too little sleep – especially on a regular basis – can affect the timbre of your voice. Making rest and sleep time a priority in your life pays big dividends in terms of your health.

Sit Straight and Stand Tall

In other words: posture! Maintaining a good sitting and standing posture means that your voice projects better and you will be less prone to aching shoulder and neck muscles after a few hours hunched over your microphone.


We cannot overstate how important hydration is to your voice. Start the day with a long glass of alkaline hydrogen water and keep a water bottle or glass with you to sip from while you work. One of the most popular benefits of hydrogen water is that its unique structure means those hydrating properties work faster and for longer than regular water.

Focus on Your Future

Getting your health and wellbeing routine sorted is a brilliant idea. When you’re living in good health, you feel stronger and more capable of acing your goals.

Drink Tyent Water for all of these benefits and more, leaving you free to focus on building your brand and lighting up your future!



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