Water Ionizers and That Gym Membership…

When the swishy new gym opened in town, the promotional flyers arrived thick and fast.  I ignored the first dozen or so, thinking that no amount of hi-tech training machines and hot yoga rooms could persuade me to part with the large fee required to gain access to that temple of toning and sweat.  

Those trainers would look perfect in my closet next to my gym bag.
New Gym Bag, No Clue? 

Then the drip-feeding of hard-body propaganda started to take effect.  Suddenly, I needed to be a member of that gym.  And I needed some ace gear to go with my shiny new membership.  Everyone knows that you exercise better in new gym clothes.  And trainers.  Trainers don’t come cheap.

So a few hundred dollars later, I was a paid up member.

Get Up and Go Gone?

But there was a problem.  Like so many people, after daily work and family activities and commitments were done, I had just enough energy to climb into bed ready for it all to begin the next day.  Buying the new trainers hadn’t magically given me more energy after all.

So I paid the gym membership each month, and my new gym bag looked at me reproachfully every time I opened the closet door.  To be fair, I met some friends there once for coffee.  I even had the temerity to call it “my new gym,” as though I’d done something there other than agree to hand over lots of dollars to it each month.

Then I discovered Tyent Water.

Water Ionizers and Energy

Getting a Tyent Water Ionizer was brilliant for my family.  We can now all enjoy clean, antioxidant hydrogen water every day.  But what has completely blown me away is the amount of extra energy I have.

Molecular hydrogen gets right into every cell and energizes the “battery” of each one; the mitochondria.  This gives a natural boost that makes a real, tangible difference to how energetic you feel every day.

A Water Ionizer at the Gym!

I didn’t just start going to the gym; I even had enough energy to start running there and back.  Tyent Water also hydrates faster than regular water and helps the muscles recover following exercise, which is why so many sports-pros love it!

My gym bag stopped gathering dust and I felt fitter and stronger than I had in years!  Even better is the news that my gym followed Willow Bend Fitness Club’s example and installed their own Tyent Water Ionizer, so that every gym member can experience that hydrogen-rich energy boost! See more about Willow Bend Fitness here —


Could a Water Ionizer Boost Your Energy?

Could you use a little extra energy?  Imagine what you could do with it!  Why not check out our fabulous Cheat Sheet for more reasons to love Tyent Water!

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