5 Last Minute Holiday Shopping Success Stories

Worried that you’ll never find that elusive, perfect present for your nearest and dearest? Think that it’s too late to find an amazing gift to hand over on the special day?

Take heart: read these stories of last-minute shopping success and get inspired to finish up your holiday shopping in style!


5 Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Success Stories


1. “It’s 10 days before Christmas and our twins are 12 weeks old – two little joyful bundles of noise, sleepless nights and gurgling. My wife deserves something special and I want to find something a little more thoughtful than a scented candle. I’m on a budget and running out of time. Finding this beautiful set of a silk pillowcase and silk eyemask was perfect. I’m hoping that it will make the short periods of sleep that we’re both grabbing right now a little more pleasurable for her!”


2. “My teenage daughter is SO difficult to buy for. She isn’t heavily into tech and she’s stylish, but not obsessed with clothes. She loves going to the gym but has all the workout kit she needs. When I spotted this Rose-Gold Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Tyent Water Ionizers, I almost punched the air. It’s perfect for her sports bag – I know she’ll love it.”


3. “My sister is the ultimate beauty maven, and her tastes run to high-end luxury, with a price tag to match. I’ve used Tyent Beauty Soap for about a year now, and my skin has never felt softer or looked glow-ier! I’ll make my sis a little hamper of beauty goodies, with this gorgeous soap playing the starring role!”


4. “I’m not sure how Christmas managed to sneak up on me, but it did, and I was pretty much out of time. A quick race around the internet threw up a few ideas for gift vouchers, but I wasn’t convinced that it wouldn’t give the game away as being a last-minute fix. A gift subscription was my best brainwave ever – a thoughtful, desirable gift that keeps on giving (well, until the subscription runs out). I’ve signed friends and family up for coffee subscriptions, luxury sheet masks…even a sock subscription for my dad!”


5. “After hardly seeing my parents – both of whom are in their 70’s – throughout so much of 2020, I wanted to buy them something really amazing this year. I checked out the sales in November but couldn’t find that perfect gift that would be great for both of them. As the holidays approached, I was starting to panic. When a friend (who became a Tyent dealer last year) suggested buying my parents their very first water ionizer, it made so much sense. I could do something practical to help support their immune systems and all-round good health, AND satisfy my mom’s love of uberstylish kitchen gadgets! Win!”


In the rush to treat everyone else, don’t forget to hold space and time for you over the holidays. How about treating yourself to something special as well? You deserve it!

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