3 Quick Tricks to Improve Your Skin Now

It’s hard to keep your skin looking radiant in the cooler weather. Central heating, chill winds and all the other challenges that the weather throws at you conspire to make winter skin, dull skin.

If you feel resigned to slapping on more expensive face cream or a thicker layer of make-up to fake a healthy look, then stop right now. There is a much better way.


3 Quick Tricks to Improve Your Skin Now


Three Simple Steps to Beautiful Skin

This winter, fight back against the effects of frost and lack of fresh air. Follow just three simple steps and glow your way right through the season!

1. Use Tyent Beauty Soap. We cannot hide how much love we have for this product. Think you know soap? This beauty bar will change your expectations forever.

Made with fermented pomegranate concentrate and herbal enzymes, this addition to your beauty routine is a complete gamechanger. Rich with hyaluronic acid (suitable for all skin types, this is a moisturizing acid, rather than an ‘acid’ acid), honey, glycerin, and coconut and olive oils, you can give your skin the feeling of a luxury facial treatment every day!

2. Drink Hydrogen Water. Hydrogen water is different from regular water. The microscopic molecular hydrogen penetrates the inner chamber of each cell where it energizes and activates your body from within.

Drinking hydrogen water every day helps your skin to shine in all these ways:


3. Use Tyent Beauty Water. The third part of our trilogy of tips for awesome winter skin is using this amazing stuff. Beauty water is another name for the acidic water produced by our water ionizers. Although you can’t drink acidic water, it has dozens of uses around the home, and is the perfect treat for your skin!  The reason? Acidic Level 1 water has exactly the same pH as your skin.  Spray, wipe or pat onto your face to keep your skin incredibly soft and rejuvenated.


Beauty From Within With a Water Ionizer

How many times have you heard the phrase, ‘beauty comes from within’? You know what? With an award-winning Tyent Water Ionizer as part of your beauty routine, it really does!

Call our team today at and start loving the skin you’re in!


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2 thoughts on “3 Quick Tricks to Improve Your Skin Now

    1. Hi, Maria. Thanks for your questions! All Tyent water ionizers automatically produce hydrogen-rich alkaline water, but they also have various water levels and power settings. These options are alkaline levels 1 to 3 (for drinking), acidic levels 1 to 3, H2O, and Turbo (for both acidic and alkaline water). You can choose your preferred water settings by pressing the corresponding buttons on the LCD screen of your ionizer. For more details, refer to the Welcome Guide included with your purchase.

      Please note that you will always see two streams when you select your water. The long tube on the top dispenses the water of your choice, and the smaller tube is the runoff. The runoff is the opposite of the water that you choose. Some people save the runoff. For example, if you choose alkaline water to drink, then the runoff would be acidic. Acidic water is good for your skin and hair and for watering your plants. I also use it to clean, especially for containers that hold onto soapy or food smells when they come out of the dishwasher. You can refer to the Ultimate Water Ionizer Uses guide for more info.

      If you want alkaline water with higher levels of molecular hydrogen, our machines also have an innovative Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost feature. Hydrogen Boost is an expression of recent Tyent ionizer models’ improved ability to produce molecular hydrogen as compared to earlier models, which were designed before the benefits of H2 were understood. The newer chamber and power supply in our ionizers were designed with optimized H2 production in mind and can produce more H2 at the same relative pH levels. With our New Hybrid, you can create water with a neutral pH that’s full of molecular hydrogen. It’s a first of its kind, and it works by using Twin Cell technology. Just press the Molecular Hydrogen Water/H2 Water button on the jog dial control.

      The Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost feature can be found in our other machines, as well. It’s alkaline level 3 in our ACE-13 Turbo and UCE-11 Turbo models.

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