The Three Best Hangover Cures Ever!

So maybe you had a few too many holiday beers or that extra glass of Champagne?  Whatever you indulged in, it’s time to face the consequences.  If crawling back underneath the duvet isn’t an option, then we’re here to the rescue with the three fastest and most effective ways to zap your hangover!

Really?  It was something you ate?
Really?  It was something you ate?
  1. What to Eat, What Not to Eat

There’s a myth that rich foods somehow ‘soak up’ the toxins that are making you feel so awful, but it’s just that; a myth.  Avoid fatty, heavy foods and the likes of waffles or hash browns. They’ll just place more pressure on your already stressed-out liver.

It’s also wise to skip the neutral foods (toast, plain biscuits) that might not add to your toxic-load, but also won’t help you to feel much better.

What you need is a slew of super-foods that will help your liver to function at it’s best and cleanse your body from within.  If you’re feeling too delicate to prepare any food, then eat a banana.  The natural sugars will perk you up, and the shot of potassium – a mineral lost when you drink alcohol – will help to rebalance your system.  Drink peppermint tea and add some grated root ginger.

If you’re feeling up to something a little more substantial, then dice an avocado (also rich in precious potassium) and eat with a poached egg.  Eggs are a great source of the amino acid taurine which is excellent for liver function.  Avocados contain vitamin B6 and healthy fats that will help to restore your equilibrium.  Snacking on magnesium-rich dried apricots will help to boost your blood sugar.

  1. Drink Tyent Water, Lots of It!

It’s not just that Tyent ionized alkaline water hydrates you much more quickly than regular water, or that it’s purity means that there’s no additional taxing of your liver; it also delivers minerals and antioxidants that really do help you to rebalance after a night of overdoing it.

Drinking water is an obvious one, but don’t neglect it.  Make sure that you start with a couple of glasses in the morning, and then sip at a large glass of Tyent water all day.  Drink more whenever you eat, and we promise that you’ll start to feel better soon!

  1. If You Must, Go Back to Bed…

If it really is that bad, and only a couple of hours nap will do, then listen to your body.  Alcohol induced sleep is rarely properly nourishing, and you may well benefit from forty winks.

 “The stomach is a bag sitting diagonally in the body from left to right. By lying on the right-hand side you can help move things along and so relieve nausea.”

  ~ Dr. Sarah Burnett, Princess Grace Hospital, London

But here’s our final tip: lie on your right side.  It’s a great way to banish hangover symptoms according to Consultant Physician, Dr. Sarah Burnett.

Fresh and healthy green smoothie

Share Your Tips with Tyent! 

We really hope that our awesome tips help to beat that hangover into submission, and next time…hey, wait a second.  We all promise that there won’t be a next time, right?

How about sharing your favorite tried and tested “morning after” tips with us?  We’d love to hear them!

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