Kamaru Usman shares The SECRET Behind True Hydration

Kamarudeen “Kamaru” Usman, also known as The Nigerian Nightmare, is a mixed martial artist and the reigning UFC Welterweight Champion.


Kamaru Usman shares The SECRET Behind True Hydration


Inspiring Success

An inspirational role model for millions, Kamaru’s drive and success are intertwined with his ethos of training hard and maintaining a positive mental attitude – and giving his body the best possible nutrition and hydration.

Proper Preparation…

In his social media pages, Kamaru cites his belief in the wise trope, beloved of many teachers of students over the years; ‘Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.’ Because let’s face it: preparation is key to unlocking sporting success. It means training so that your body is strong enough to deliver the performance you need to win. Preparation means honing and perfecting your skills and strength. Preparation means eating and drinking the things that will nourish you and support a state of robust, empowered health.

…Prevents Poor Performance

Preparation can be the difference between winning and losing, and Kamaru has long set his sights on being a winner. Part of his regime is making sure that his body is hydrated all the time – no mean feat when you’re training with as much grit and determination as a reigning champion at the very peak of his fitness.


“I know that hydration is never going to be a problem because my body is fueled by Tyent Water.”

Kamaru Usman

Better Hydration for Longer

Kamuru has spoken before on how he was introduced to Tyent Water by a good friend, and that it fixed the problem for him of always drinking water, but never seeming to feel properly hydrated, even after glugging 6 –8 bottles per day.

Once he switched to drinking Tyent Water from a water ionizer, Kamaru noticed that he cut back to drinking fewer bottles of water. The great thing was, he felt much more hydrated, and for longer. Kamaru didn’t need to constantly drink more water in order to chase that feeling of having drunk enough.

Tyent Water for Everyone

Many professional sports stars talk about the ultra-hydrating properties of Tyent Water, but of course, you don’t need to be an athletic champion to benefit from it! In fact, everyone – students, homemakers, parents, executives, outdoor workers, and everybody else – can benefit from a long list of incredible benefits that nourish your body with every sip of alkaline water from your Tyent water ionizer.

Catch Some of Kamaru’s Energy!

We can all adopt some of Kamaru’s passion for being the best we can be and use a little ‘Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance’ in our lives! How about preparing to make every day a good day by waking up to Tyent Water in the morning and enjoying the great feeling of extra energy and vigor all day long?

Call up our team to find out more about our range of water ionizers and discover the perfect one for YOUR kitchen!




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