What’s Better – Juicing or Alkaline Water?

Well, there are no bad guys here; both juicing and alkaline water can be great for your body and your health.  If you’ve got a juicer or an ionizer in your kitchen, then good job!  If you’ve got both, then awesome job!

Cupboards.  Where unused kitchen appliances go to die.
Cupboards. Where unused kitchen appliances go to die.

But to break things down a little, there are pros and cons.  A juicer, for example, gives you food-derived nutrients that alkaline water doesn’t have.  But then, you could just make an alkaline water smoothie, and you’ve got those nutrients down, without losing the fiber, which of course is largely cancelled out in the juicing process.

A Thirst for Sports!

So how about hydration?  A fresh juice in the morning can taste great, and you’ll feel hydrated and ready to go.  But for how long?

The hydrating properties of ionized alkaline water are well-documented and relied upon by athletes and professional sportspeople all over the world.

Juice or Alkaline Water to go?

Let’s look at portability.  Freshly made juice definitely tastes best when it’s just been produced.  Some juices even start to discolor if you don’t drink them straight away, and that’s not so tempting.

Alkaline water however, can be taken anywhere in a GoodLife bottle for a deliciously hydrating boost whenever it’s needed, with no compromise on taste or goodness.

Financing That Fruit

Price is a factor as well.  A decent juicer is still cheaper to buy than an ionizer, so juicing wins here, right?  Well, not really.  Tyent ionizers are available on attractive payment plan terms, and with a lifetime guarantee, the cost per glass of freshly ionized water comes in at around 6 cents.

Juicers can be bought for either very little, or anything up to a few hundred dollars.  The leveling factor is that you need to buy fresh fruit to juice every time you want to use it.  If you buy in season and locally, then you can keep the cost down, but there’s no escaping the fact that juicing is not an economical option.

Lose The Sugar!

We don’t want to discourage anyone from healthy eating and drinking, and juicing is a much better option than sugar-laden soda for example!  But it’s a fact that juice contains more calories than water, so if you‘re hoping to lose a few pounds, then drinking alkaline water is a much better way to do it!

young woman with a cantaloupe

Smooth Operators?

Having considered all of this, we think that fruit is at it’s best when it’s fresh, whole and accompanied by a glass of Tyent alkaline water!

By the way, have you tried fixing an alkaline water smoothie yet?  We’re always on the lookout for new taste sensations so let us know if you have your own great recipe!

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  1. I’ve only got juicer at home so I’m not awesome yet. I will get that ionizer soon. I want to be awesome. Thanks for this wonderful post as always.

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