Smart Gum for Energy and Alertness? Try Alkaline Water Instead

What if you could become a smarter, more energetic, and alert person just by chewing a piece of gum? It sounds like the plot of a science fiction film, but that is exactly what the inventors of smart gum are trying to sell to consumers.

Taking chewing gums

Research to support the effectiveness of smart gum is unsubstantial and relies on the opinions of only a few case studies. However, all of the claims that smart gum makes also apply to alkaline water.

What sounds more natural and realistic: a super piece of chewing gum or improved hydration to increase brain function? Tyent alkaline water ionizers are the answer.

What is a “Smart Gum”?

Smart gum is a new product out on the market that contains caffeine and other chemicals that claim to increase focus and memory. In a sense, smart gum is similar to drinking coffee or energy drinks because of the ingestion of artificial stimulants. Of course, chemical stimulants are not permanent and will inevitably wear off. So, what are the best, most proven ways to increase energy and alertness?

Natural Ways to Increase Brain Power

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There is no magical formula to permanently increase your intelligence. But, there are proven lifestyle choices that can help a person function at their personal best. These include:

  • Sleeping More
  • Exercising More
  • Eating Well and
  • Staying Hydrated

Notice that the list is quite simple and logical and does not include smart gum. Not coincidentally, drinking alkaline water regularly can help anyone sleep better, recover from exercise, have a healthier diet, and, of course, stay ultra hydrated.

Alkaline Water is the “Smart Water”

Sleep: When water is ionized, the pH is lowered and the resulting water becomes alkaline. This means that the water is full of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress on the body. Simply put, less stresses equals better sleep.

Exercise: Soreness after exercise is the result of lactic acid build ups in the muscles. Alkaline water breaks down lactic acids, and flushes them out of the body so you can recover faster and exercise more often.

Eating Well: Studies show that drinking alkaline water 30 minutes before eating suppresses a person’s appetite and encourages weight loss. Additionally, alkaline water contains the same antioxidant benefits that are found in healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

Hydration: Hydrogen-rich alkaline water increases energy by hydrating cells faster than regular tap water. This is due to a phenomenon known as faster gastric emptying, by which alkaline water goes from the stomach to the body quickly.

Try Alkaline Water Instead of Smart Gum

For a healthier life with less mess, choose alkaline water.
For a healthier life with less mess, choose alkaline water.

There is no magic solution for brain function. The solution is simple: alkaline water. Tyent USA offers the best water ionizers in the industry and we would be happy to help you take steps to change your lifestyle and increase your energy and alertness.

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