Only 5 Days Until Spring!

I know! It’s exciting. Winter can be wonderful, with fires, Christmas and deeply-flavored casseroles blip-blipping away on the stove, but the promise of spring has a magic all of it’s own.

Of course, the weather might not change overnight, and there’ll still be chillier, breezy days, but generally, spring is definitely in the wings and about to make an appearance!

Spring mornings are made for enjoying!
Spring mornings are made for enjoying!

To be honest, I sometimes find it easier to realize fresh starts and good intentions now, rather than at New Year. The brighter skies, lighter evening and milder temperatures make it easier to tackle things head on than during those dark, cold January days.

These pointers are less resolutions, more life-tweaks to mark the changing of the season. Fancy joining in?

Looking Inward

There’s precious little time for introspection, but it’s really worthwhile taking a few moments each day to clear your mind of clutter (shopping, work, trying to find the perfect storage solution for spare shoes) and thinking quietly about how you’re feeling. Anything you’re not content with? Have you been feeling a bit out of sorts but not sure why? There’s no quick fix here, but it’s worth just trying to ring-fence a few minutes daily to check in with yourself, and make sure that you’re coping with the peaks and troughs of life. After all, we’re always asking other people how they are!

Silhouette of Girl Picking Flowers in Meadow at Sunset

Looking Outward

Do you keep a garden? This is a great time to draw up a planting plan for the coming year. Do you love fresh flowers? How about setting aside a patch of ground for a cutting patch of glorious annuals? Gathering an armful of blooms from your garden is a real joy! And how about tweaking your spring look, without being too dramatic. If you wear make up, then a new lipstick or gloss in a lighter pigment, or maybe a haircut that you haven’t tried before can give you a real lift.

Looking Well! Alkaline Water Helps!

Think about going to bed and setting the alarm half an hour earlier, then dedicate that time to you. Drink a long, cool glass of alkaline water with a spritz of fresh lemon juice, do some stretches, go for a run or just sit quietly, contemplating the day ahead. You know yourself the best, so do whatever works for you.

Spring Forward!

As spring bursts into new life, so can you! Stay hydrated with alkaline water from your ionizer, or maybe get out for a hike with your GoodLife bottle for alkaline water on the go.

Are you trying something new or make any life-tweaks this spring? Share your goals, we’d love to hear from you!

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    1. Hi Aaron! You’re right that a water ionizer is very beneficial to our health! However, this is not only for rich people! We have machines for every budget and we have financing available as well! Whatever your budget, we can make it work! Give us a call at 855-893-6887. We would love to talk to you!

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