Yannick Bisson and Alkaline Water

Can you believe that the 200th episode of Murdoch Mysteries has just aired? With fans of the award-winning show enjoying Season 13, it seems like a good time to catch up with its star, Yannick Bisson!

Yannick Bisson is a famous fan of Alkaline Water!
Yannick Bisson is a famous fan of Tyent Alkaline Water!

One of Canada’s best-loved film and television actors, Yannick is also a family man, keen skier, cyclist and sports enthusiast. So where does he get all that energy from?

World Famous Fans of Hydrogen Water!

Okay, we’ll let you in on a secret: Yannick Bisson is a long-time fan of Tyent Water Ionizers! Yep, drinking alkaline hydrogen water is key to how Yannick stays right on top of his professional game.

There’s a great story behind how Yannick became a hydrogen water fan. While filming High Tide with close pal Rick Springfield, the two buddies hung out and Yannick spotted Rick’s Tyent Water ionizer in his kitchen. The rest – as they say – is history!


“Settling into the new house, new drinking water system is awesome! Tyent shipped it here to Can #moreantioxidiantsthanOJ #tonsofenergy”  Yannick Bisson

Yannick has a particularly compelling reason for making sure that Tyent Water accompanies him everywhere on set – his TV character Murdoch wears some pretty heavy, wool suits during summer filming. Even for a seasoned pro, that’s hot work!

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Two Wheels, Three Dogs

A keen fan of traveling on two wheels – preferably Yannick knows what a difference drinking hydrogen water makes when you’re tackling a gnarly trail. Even the Bisson family dogs are fans of Tyent Water! Yannick explains how hydrogen water keeps his three lovable doggies hydrated for longer, and keeps their cute noses nice and damp!

Ionized alkaline water really is for every member of the family!


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