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No cosmetic or Instagram filter can rival your true greatest asset – a bright, natural smile.  

Tyent Water is always worth smiling about!
Take Good Care of Your Teeth

As well as a good brushing and flossing routine, most of us know how to take care of our teeth – trips to the dentist, changing our toothbrush regularly and not eating and drinking too many sugary things.

Sparkling Water Harms Tooth Enamel?

But drinking sparkling water must be okay, right?  Not so, according to recent comments by Dr. Edmond R. Hewlett, spokesperson for the American Dental Association.

Those bubbles are created by adding carbon dioxide.  It’s not sugary, but it is acidic, and it’s the acid that can be erosive to your tooth enamel.

“If you’re sipping and keeping that acidic drink in your mouth and swishing around every time you sip, and if you do this often, multiple times a day, then that’s probably the most dangerous kind of behavior when it comes to tooth wear.”

   ~ Dr. André Ritter, University of North Carolina School of Dentistry

Is it All Bad News? 

We know.  If you’re trying to drink healthily, then right now, things might seem bleak.  The guessing game of whether your tap water is contaminated goes on; soda drinks are bad news all round and even bottled water isn’t what it seems.

Cleaner, Healthier Teeth with a Water Ionizer!

But there is good news.  With a Tyent Water Ionizer, you can enjoy pure, healthful hydrogen water every day.  Along with dozens of other health benefits, it’s actively good for your teeth and gums!

Hydrogen water hydrates and energizes you, with a difference that you’ll be able to feel straight away.  You can’t even have too much of this good thing as any excess hydrogen that your body can’t use is harmlessly expelled when you breathe!

You can even use water from the acidic setting on your water ionizer as a mildly antiseptic nightly mouthwash!

It’s no secret that doctors love the incredible health benefits of hydrogen water, and it’s hardly surprising that dentists are on board as well!

Smile!  It’s Easy to Own a Water Ionizer!

Why not click on our Cheat Sheet or give us a call today at to find out how easy it is to install a water ionizer at home?  Now that’s definitely something to smile about!

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