CNET Features Tyent USA

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CNet and Tyent USA


So what happened when CNET featured the Tyent UCE-9000?

The CNET Verdict?

Well you know, we don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but it’s safe to say that they loved it!

In fact, CNET went as far as saying that the UCE-9000 changes your concept of what running water is, and what we can now expect it to deliver.

What CNET Loves About The UCE-9000

Conscious of their readership and the kind of information they seek, CNET talks facts about performance, technical specifications, and style.

They specifically draw attention to a few features that make the UCE-9000 one of the most outstanding water ionizer machines on the market today:

  • It delivers water with the exact pH level you want – on demand
  • With a stack of awesome features, the UCE-9000 is a playground for tech fans
  • You can select alkaline or acidic water for drinking or cleaning
  • Tyent offers an unbeatable ‘Forever’ Lifetime Guarantee
  • Beautiful chrome finish
  • Colored touch screen
  • Tap water is filtered
  • It looks like an iPhone!


CNET’s overview? We’ll leave their quote intact:

“The takeaway here is that with this specialized kitchen gadget, water in the home has been taken to a whole new level.”

We’re pretty happy with that.


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