You May Ask…Why are Water Ionizers So Expensive?

Ionizers are a fairly significant purchase for most people, but why are they so expensive?  I mean the difference between the price of a water pitcher filter and an ionizer is huge, right?

water ionizers
With ionizers, you really do get what you pay for.

Well yes, but that’s kind of like comparing a skateboard with a Ferrari. A water filter pitcher, at best, removes some contaminants from your water and little else.  Water ionizers do a whole lot more.  Tyent ionizers remove over 200 contaminants from your source water along with 99% of lead.

Not only that, the unit then ionizes the water as it passes over specially designed plates.  Tyent ionizers have the very best and most powerful plates on the market: constructed from titanium and dipped multiple times in platinum.

When the water has been ionized and filtered, it’s ready to drink at the push of a button.

A Water Ionizer is Part of the Family!

Once you buy a Tyent Ionizer, it’s part of your life forever, as each one comes with our unbeatable lifetime guarantee.  The world-class engineering and design that goes behind that kind of promise can’t be beaten.  A lifetime guarantee is our way of saying that we have every faith in our products, so that you can as well.

From the smartphone style keypad to every internal component, Tyent ionizers are proven to be the very best on the market.

Bargain Basement Hazards

You might have seen on the internet that cheap ionizers are pretty easy to buy, and what harm can it do to try one when they’re so cut-price?  Well, most of these models come from China, and many contain deadly lead.  It’s such a problem that there’s a separate thriving trade in fake “lead free” certification for these dangerous imports, so beware.

If it’s too cheap, there’s a reason.  Really.

Buy Well, Buy Once

tyentThere’s a difference between an item being a significant investment, but ultimately good value and something being over priced.  Without wanting to fall back on the cliché of a product being “reassuringly expensive,” the reverse – an ionizer being ominously cheap – is definitely true.

Take a Peek at Our Water Ionizer Cheat Sheet!

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