Dr. Howard Peiper MD Using His UCE Water Ionizer

Pulitzer Prize nominee Dr. Howard Peiper is co-host of the acclaimed TV show Partners in Healing and the author of an entire bookshelf of health and wellbeing titles. He is a consultant, lecturer and nationally recognized expert in nutrition, natural health and holistic counseling.


Howard Peiper, Naturopathic MD, Showing Off His UCE Water Ionizer


30 Years of Helping People Gain Better Health

That’s already an impressive list of credentials, and only a selection of the highlights of Dr. Peiper’s 30-year career so far.

Dr. Peiper’s renown and expertise are well-known. Few people are more knowledgeable than Howard Peiper on naturopathic medicine and healing, and we’re proud that he is also a fan of Tyent Water Ionizers.


“What I love about the Tyent Alkaline Water is because of the molecular hydrogen…the ability of the water to get into the cells much quicker, much faster.”

Dr. Howard Peiper, Naturopathic MD


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Dr. Peiper is just one of the medical professionals who recognize the value of drinking Tyent Alkaline Water. More and more doctors, every day, see for themselves the difference that drinking 8 glasses of alkaline water, rich with molecular hydration, can make.

Physician Dr Gus Spatharakis even created a compelling blood analysis video to show the effect of Tyent Water in the body. If you do nothing else today, take a few minutes to watch it – it’s amazing stuff. Check out what you get to see at 04:00!


“I’m keeping it simple. I’m drinking Tyent Alkaline Water.”

Dr. Howard Peiper


Tyent Water Ionizers Near You!

Of course, doctors know first-hand how important hydration is. Apart from being a cornerstone of health, it’s also an important factor in healing. Tyent water ionizers can be found in leisure facilities, gyms, clinics and hospitals as well as in homes across the country.

Knowing this, and hearing doctors and other members of the medical establishment talking about the unique qualities and benefits of Tyent Alkaline Water is great. Our engineers and designers work hard to make Tyent Water Ionizers the best in the world, and knowing we’re getting it right is a good feeling.

Dreaming of Your Own Water Ionizer? Make it Real!

Have you discovered the difference that Tyent water can make to YOUR life? Start your journey now by calling up our team of friendly experts and ask about the amazing deals we can offer on the water ionizer of your dreams!


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