Is Micro-Clustering in Alkaline Water Real?

A lot is written about alkaline water.  Some of it is excellent, peer-reviewed, solid science.  However, because of the nature of the internet and the constant stream of information and misinformation, half-truths become ‘fact’ and if a rumor is repeated often enough, then it probably becomes a statistic without many people actually noticing.

And then there are the persuasive, as yet unproven theories and suppositions that will one day become either fact or perhaps evolve into entirely new concepts.

This is what your ionizer does. But with a little less drama.
This is what your ionizer does. But with a little less drama.

So Is Micro Clustering Real?

Scientists are (mostly) agreed that water molecules probably have a tendency to associate with each other.  But that’s not micro clustering.

The idea of micro clustering does seem to make a lot of sense. Hydrogen is the smallest molecule in existence, and therefore the term ‘micro’ in micro clustering seems appropriate for the hydrogen molecules themselves, rather than for the larger water molecules.

Hydrogen Is The Hero!

Ionized water hydrates your body faster and better than regular water because of an abundance of hydrogen coupled with a high pH.

Hydrogen is the stuff of life itself, and drinking ionized water which is full of dissolved antioxidant hydrogen gas is one of the very best ways of hydrating your body.  But how?  Well, hydrogen molecules are, as we mentioned above, small, around half the size of oxygen.  Free and bioavailable, hydrogen can diffuse deep into the cells, mopping up free radicals on the way.

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So That’s Why Ionized Water Makes Me Feel So Great?

The way hydrogen interacts with our bodies is truly fascinating.  When you drink water from your Tyent ionizer, and feel energized and refreshed, it’s a good feeling to understand exactly why that is.  Knowing that you’re giving your body a fix of natural hydrogen every time you drink ionized water is great!

Have you managed to get out in the spring weather yet with your GoodLife bottle?  We’d love to hear about it!


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2 thoughts on “Is Micro-Clustering in Alkaline Water Real?

  1. Interesting…for most of my life the hydrogen on the Periodic Table has been an atom or element. Now it’s a molecule? It can help to make molecules (H2O), but by itself it is an atom, otherwise, it would not be on the Periodic Table.

    1. Hi, Nick. Thank you for pointing this out. Hydrogen is an atom and element, but what we’re referring to here is molecular hydrogen, which is composed of two bonded hydrogen atoms and is one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth. It’s more easily absorbed into your cells, and thus has lots of health benefits, like aiding in pain relief and anti-aging processes. Our Tyent alkaline water is full of molecular hydrogen, which is why it’s very good for your health.

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