10 Best Detox Recipes Using a Tyent Water Ionizer

Anytime is a good time to detox, but spring is really good!  There’s the sense of a clean, fresh new year ahead, summer days to be lazy in, and the threat promise of chilling out on the beach, or by the lake in (gulp), a swimsuit.

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Detoxing benefits the mind and body

Your Tyent Ionizer is your best friend here, helping you to detox wisely and effectively, without compromising on enjoying life!  Take a look at our suggestions to give your system a spring-clean and get glowing!

  1. Go Green

Green tea has fantastic antioxidant qualities and tastes uplifting in the morning and calming at night.  Make your green tea with alkaline water and enjoy how it enhances the delicate flavor of the tea.

  1. Seeing Red

Brilliantly scarlet beetroot is fantastic for detoxing that powerhouse of your body, the liver.  As well as enjoying in a simple salad or as a side, you can also whiz cooked beets up with some lime, alkaline water and apple juice for a healthy treat for your liver.

  1. Skip the Booze

Take a month off alcohol and replace the beer and wine with delicious alkaline water, either on it’s own, or with a squeeze of lemon.

  1. Very Veggie!

Eating meat in small quantities is fine, but too much isn’t so great for your body.  Take a month off the steaks and challenge yourself to try vegetables that you haven’t prepared before.  Steaming (with alkaline water) is a great way to keep the nutrients intact in those delicious veggies! 

  1. We Want Candy

If you want to detox, then sugar really should be kept to a minimum. The good news is that you can retrain your taste buds to stop “needing” that sugary kick pretty quickly.  Whenever the need for something sweet arises, then pour yourself a glass of alkaline water and watch/read/say something really gripping until you’ve forgotten that you were about to reach for that candy bar…

  1. Tell Me About The Turmeric 

This brilliantly colored spice is fantastic when it comes to encouraging the regeneration of cells in your liver.  Make an aromatic vegetable curry and include this detox-friendly ingredient.

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  1. Lemon Aid 

There’s no better start to a detox day than sipping warm alkaline water, with lemon juice. Packed with vitamin C, lemons are 6% acidic, and yet the juice actually has an alkalizing effect on your body.  Paired with alkaline water, it’s a fabulous acid-busting duo!

  1. Milking It

Milk Thistle has been used for over 2000 years to treat an ailing or stressed liver. Gentle and effective, take capsules according to the packet instructions to help your liver really benefit from a detox.

  1. Fat Chance

Fats are great during a detox, but they have to be the right ones. “Good” fats include those found in chia, almonds, pumpkin seeds and flax, among others.  The ones to avoid are corn oil, soy and animal fats.

  1. Soak Up the Compliments! 

So you’re cleansing your system, which will make you look brighter and healthier anyway, but to give your skin an extra boost, try this awesome alkaline bath soak:

Dissolve ¼ cup sea salt, ¼ cup baking soda and ¼ cup Epsom Salts in warm alkaline water.  Stir in 5 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of your favorite essential oil.  Add to your bath water and relax for at least 30 minutes.

Over to You! 

Are you up for a detox?  Any tips or stories you’d like to share?  We love to hear from you, so drop us line!

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    1. Hi, Damian. Thanks for your question. The alkaline diet is a lifestyle that’s supposed to help your body reach a more alkaline state because you’ll be consuming less acidic and refined foods.

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