Hydrogen Water and Anxiety

Whether it’s a sign of the times or not…anxiety is on the rise, affecting 40 million Americans each year.

However – some people may not know that they can get help with dealing with their symptoms of anxiety by turning to hydrogen water from a water ionizer.

How awesome is that!? You’re about to find out how as we answer…

What is Anxiety?
What Causes Anxiety?
Can Hydrogen Water Really Help with Anxiety?

Research indicates that drinking ionized hydrogen water could help with anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

It’s known as your body’s natural response to stress…a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come.

Last year, there was a 40 percent increase in people feeling more anxious than they used to, leap-frogging the 2016/2017 statistics from the American Psychiatric Association that indicated a 36 percent increase.

What Causes Anxiety?

So, what are we worrying about? What’s on our mind?

Some of the most common events that cause many people to feel fearful and nervous include the first day of school, giving a speech, or going to a job interview.

What’s more is that there are no surprises in this list of the things keeping us awake at night, listed by the highest percentage:

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Finances
  • Politics
  • Relationships

Let’s face it…anxiety is tough.

Sufferers often describe it as “being in a prison.”

It certainly doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, rich or poor: anxiety doesn’t discriminate.

It is understandable that health is the thing that we’re most anxious about.

In the absence of good health, many other worries tend to pale in comparison.

The multi-billion-dollar, multi-faceted industries that focus on weight control, fitness, health supplements and whatever else, exist for a reason…

We want to be healthy.

Can Hydrogen Water Really Help with Anxiety?


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More and more people are finding new ways of dealing with the symptoms of anxiety.

So how can a water ionizer help?

This clinical study into how hydrogen water alleviates anxiety yielded some interesting results.

The 2018 placebo-controlled research focused on adult test subjects who drank 600 ml of hydrogen-rich water (HRW) per day for 4 weeks.

“In the present study, mood and anxiety levels improved after HRW administration.” / Mizuno K, Sasaki AT, Ebisu K, et al.

Cognitive and autonomic function testing was carried out and the results cross-referenced with blood testing and daily activity and journal entries.

These results were significant for anyone wanting an effective, natural remedy for anxiety.

“In conclusion, HRW administration for 4 weeks in adult volunteers improved mood, anxiety, and autonomic nerve function, suggesting that HRW administration may offer an effective method to reinforce QOL (Quality of life) and maintain good health.”

Aside from the scientific breakthroughs and research, many people will find comfort from the knowledge that ionized hydrogen water from a water ionizer might just be the safest and most delicious water you’ve ever tasted.

Point blank – hydrogen water is GREAT for those who need help dealing with anxiety!

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We always encourage people with any concerns to seek advice from a health care provider, but alongside that, useful words of advice from others can sometimes help. If you have any home-grown tips to help manage symptoms of anxiety that have helped you, please share them with us below! 

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