3 Unbelievable Benefits of Hydrogen Water

Posted by: William Poole On March 26, 2016 9:00 am

The island nation of Japan has one of the highest life expectancy ratings in the world. On average, the Japanese live five years longer than their American counterparts. Now, why is that?

Japanese sushi set

1Z0-061Japanese cuisine receives a lot of the credit for the high life expectancy in Japan and for good reason. Compared to the “Western Diet,” the average Japanese diet consists of less total calories and less artery clogging saturated fat. But, is diet the sole reason for Japanese longevity or could hydrogen-rich alkaline water also play a role?

Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline Water in Japan

Quite simply, hydrogen water is water that has a higher percentage of hydrogen than tap water. Hydrogen water, also known as alkaline water, …

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Five Reasons to Never Drink Unfiltered Water

Posted by: William Poole On March 25, 2016 9:00 am

Plumbing is one of the great innovations of modern society and a sufficient public water supply should not be taken for granted. However, most water that flows from the tap in the USA is not safe for long-term consumption because of the chemicals and hard metals it contains.

Think about where your tap water comes from...
Think about where your tap water comes from…

As such, tap water should always be filtered through a water ionizer before it is consumed and Tyent alkaline water ionizers are the perfect appliance to filter and alkalize your tap water.

Five Reasons to NEVER Drink Unfiltered Water

  1. Water Treatment Is Not Sufficient

The same practices that were used to treat public water decades ago are still in use today. Basically, water …

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Water Ionizers and Medication

Posted by: William Poole On February 27, 2016 9:00 am


“Why then, can one desire too much of a good thing?” ~ As You Like It, 4.1

The Bard of Avon would've loved alkaline water.
The Bard of Avon would’ve loved alkaline water.

Shakespeare wondered if it was possible and now the idiom “too much of a good thing” has taken a universal meaning. We are left to wonder, can too much of a good thing become detrimental?

Tyent alkaline water is undoubtedly a good thing. Water ionizers provide delicious alkaline water that has many detoxifying benefits for the human body.  However, there are two times when alkaline water may not be an appropriate choice.

Alkaline Water and Medication

Prescription Medication in Orange Pill Bottles

Modern medicine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind and it saves millions of lives …

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Will Drinking Alkaline Water Affect My Blood?

Posted by: Rhona Reid On February 2, 2016 9:00 am

Yes, very much so.  In this fascinating study by Dr. Gus J. Spatharakis, you can see very clearly see the positive and almost instant impact that alkaline water has on your blood cells.

Dr. Gus chose a clinical subject whose blood had not already been subject to any testing.  Also, the volunteer was in good physical shape, eating well and taking regular exercise.

Baseline Blood Test

A baseline test was taken at the beginning of the session, which showed that the blood cells were hardly moving.  They were clumping together and showing little energetic movement.  Dr. Gus explained that the membranes surrounding some of the cells were jagged, irregular and showing no ‘white glow’ of energy.

How About Regular

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Remember to Hydrate with Alkaline Water during Summer Fun

Posted by: admin On July 24, 2015 2:00 pm


Upcoming heat waves mean trips to the city pool for my family and I’m sure you have your own way of cooling off too. Whenever my kids and I go swimming, I fill up my Goodlife water bottles with my Tyent water ionizer so we have alkaline water available, even at the pool. Whether you hit the beach, take a dip in the lake, or enjoy an afternoon at the water park, remember to take along Tyent alkaline water to replenish after fun in the sun.

Alkaline Water Hydrates Better Than Regular Water

When people run, bike, or play sports our sweat is obvious. However, when we swim, our sweat is lost to the water so we might not notice …

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