Will My Water Ionizer Work with Reverse Osmosis?

We’ve written about Reverse Osmosis (RO) water here before, and truth be told, it hasn’t always been in exactly glowing terms.  In short, RO water is entirely free of vital minerals, so while it’s great in an emergency, drinking it frequently, over any significant period of time, can actually cause harm.

Reverse Osmosis water can be safe if used with an ionizer.
Reverse Osmosis water can be safe if used with an ionizer.

Bringing Dead Water Back to Life?

But here’s an interesting thing.  Reverse Osmosis water can be revived from it’s somewhat “dead” state by flowing through an ionizer. RO water is clean, but devoid of goodness.  Running clean Reverse Osmosis water through your ionizer  will re-mineralize and stabilize the water, making it safe and good to drink, with all the fantastic benefits of ionized alkaline water.

How it Works!

So how does that actually work then?  Well, much depends on which kind of Reverse Osmosis system you have in your home.  Different types of systems potentially have different requirements, but by and large, the RO system would be set up inline before your water ionizer.  You will also need a few additional items, all available from Tyent USA of course. First, you will need a Soft Water Buddy and you’ll also need an RO delivery pump. If any of this sounds confusing, don’t worry because we’re here to help. It might well be worth giving one of our water ionizer experts a call () to have a chat about how we can best make your RO system and Tyent water ionizer work seamlessly together.  We can talk through the type of system you have and how that’s going to work with your ionizer.

Thinking About Cleaner Water?

Maybe you haven’t even purchased a RO system yet, but you’re getting closer to doing so after reading all the new horror stories hitting the press about America’s water supply?

As we indicated at the start of this blog, the World Health Organization doesn’t recommend drinking RO water long term, and with good reason.  The “starved” RO water re-mineralizes itself by scavenging calcium and other essential minerals from you, from your bones and teeth.

However, we understand that with the water crisis unfolding daily, people want to do everything they can to ensure that the water they drink is free from harmful contaminants.

Friends toast

Ionized Reverse Osmosis Water

RO water is one way of helping to achieve that.  By using a Tyent ionizer, with its exceptional filtration along with its ionizing and mineral-rich properties, with a Reverse Osmosis system, you can relax and know that your water is safe to drink.

So, let’s chat () and we can answer your questions and help to find the right solution for you!

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7 thoughts on “Will My Water Ionizer Work with Reverse Osmosis?

  1. I’m really having a hard time convincing my husband to have water ionizer at home. I wish this post will made up his mind. I’m going to send this to him.

    1. Hi, Eliza. Thanks for your support. Hopefully, the article helps your friends realize how much cleaner alkaline water is, especially because reverse osmosis removes essential minerals from your water.

      We would love to talk to you and your friends about the benefits of owning a water ionizer, so please give our water experts a call at 855-893-6887.

    1. Hi, Pasha. The Edge 9000 water ionizer has an amazing .01 micron filtration system. Its membrane multi-layer filtration enables it to remove suspended solids, such as rust, mud, sand, and sediment. Our Ultra Filters have the same filtration powers as a kidney dialysis machine! This comprehensive lab report shows how effective our filters are at removing over 200 contaminants from your water, including 99% of lead, chlorine, beryllium, and even chromium-6 (with a specialty pre-filter).

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