12 Travel Essentials For A Healthy Holiday

Young boy with his legs over the suitcase waiting at the airport | Travel Essentials For A Healthy Holiday

Holidays are a hectic time, especially if you’re figuring the travel essentials to bring with you. With some smart planning and these 12 best travel items, you can have a happy, healthy vacation.

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Travel Essentials Checklist For The Holidays

1. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit | Travel Essentials For A Healthy Holiday

Whether you’re driving or flying, a first aid kit should be on your travel essentials checklist, especially if you’re planning a bunch of outdoor activities.

You can find small kits pre-assembled with bandages, disinfecting wipes, and other items to patch up minor wounds. You can also bring a portable water filter to keep alkaline water at the ready for cleaning cuts and wounds.

Make sure to inspect your travel kit essentials for items prohibited by the TSA. Large tubes of cream or gels and surgical instruments may have to go in your checked-in luggage.

2. In-Flight Earplugs

Holiday flights are usually crowded and the wonderful sounds of crying, coughing, gossiping, and laughing can foil your plans for relaxing.

If you’re sensitive to noise, earplugs should be one of your must-have travel items. Pressure-regulating earplugs can both block out unwanted noise and help prevent ear pain during the flight.

They can also help you focus on reading or writing and let you catch a few Z’s in peace.

3. Sleep Mask

Sunlight and headaches can ruin your plans of sleeping during your flight. A sleep mask combined with earplugs can help you enter dreamland undisturbed.

There are a variety of sleep masks to choose from. Charcoal masks use activated charcoal to remove stress and pressure around your eyes.

Meanwhile, scented masks can replace musty plane odors with calming scents that soothe you to sleep.

4. Travel Pillow

Tired blonde casual caucasian lady napping on uncomfortable seat while traveling by airplane | Travel Essentials For A Healthy Holiday

If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll definitely want to bring a silk travel pillow.

The material conforms to your body and provides enough cushioning for short naps to eight-hour periods of sleep. The silk also prevents skin irritation.

5. Compression Socks

If you’re on a long flight with limited leg room, you may be at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), in which blood clots form in the leg. Compression socks help regulate blood flow to and from the legs, keeping DVT away.

6. Resistance Bands

A set of resistance bands can help you stay fit during your trip. Affordable and lightweight, resistance bands come in a single loop and tube varieties.

Many sports equipment companies offer stackable resistance bands, allowing you to get a challenging workout no matter your fitness level. Their small profile makes them easy to pack into your carry-on bag or checked luggage with plenty of room left for other essential travel items.

7. Sunscreen

Packing beach camera sunscreen concept | Travel Essentials For A Healthy Holiday

If you’re traveling to somewhere warm or tropical, sunscreen is a must-have. Without it, you are at risk of getting sunburn and other unhealthy skin conditions.

Look for travel-sized bottles and make sure it’s waterproof if you plan to go swimming.

8. Insect Repellent

If there’s heat and humidity, there’s bound to be bugs. Pack insect repellent to keep mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests away.

You can also treat your clothes and shoes with permethrin to prevent bugs from camping out in your belongings.

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9. Neti Pot

Allergies commonly pop up when traveling. It’s a good thing including a neti pot in your travel essentials can help with this.

What is a neti pot?

A neti pot flushes the sinuses, allowing you to breathe freely while hiking, biking, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

10. Sports Water Bottle

No matter where you’re traveling to, it’s important to stay hydrated. Sport water bottles are available in stainless steel and BPA-free plastic and fit easily into your carry-on or checked bag.

Remember that your bottle can’t have any liquid in it before you pass through security. Afterward, you can freely fill it up and take it with you on the plane.

11. Water Alkalizer

TYgo Portable Alkalizer | Travel Essentials For A Healthy Holiday

You can never be too sure when it comes to drinking water in an unfamiliar area. That’s why a water electrolyzer like the TYgo Portable Alkalizer should be part of your essentials travel items.

It can filter out the vast majority of harmful contaminants and chlorine while letting you stay hydrated with peace of mind.

Since it’s lightweight and durable, you can even put it in your carry-on. Just make sure to drain it before going through security.

12. Journal or Notepad

Whether it’s stress at the airport or just feeling overwhelmed by the travel experience, writing down your thoughts can be therapeutic. It’s true that you can use a journal app on your phone, but it’s just not quite the same as clicking a pen and jotting things down the old-fashioned way.

You can use your journal or notepad to vent, make observations, save ideas, and even doodle. If nothing else, it’ll serve as a nice memento of your vacation and all the trips to come.

Check out this video and learn more about this unique portable solution for safe drinking water:

There are countless other health essentials you can add to the list. It’s better to look for the best items to include in your travel essentials list than regret not being prepared when you go on your trip.

Adding a portable alkalizer with you can help you filter toxins from your body while exploring new places. Find what works best for you, and you’ll be ready for your next holiday trip.

Pack smart and stay safe!

What travel essentials do you always have when you travel? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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