How is Alkaline Water Good for the Earth? Tyent Offers Answers to Questions! (Version 2)

Consumers are beginning to realize just how damaging those billions of discarded plastic water bottles are to our little planet. With air pollution from manufacturing, water pollution from littering, and a nightmarish mountain of plastic bottles choking the landfills, bottled plastic water (as I call it) is bad for everybody.

Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.
Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

In addition to the undeniable harmful effects to the world, there is the expense of buying bottled water.  The average price of a 20-ouncer is about a buck and a half. Compare that to Tyent Water, which comes in at about 6 cents a glass.

I have heard some people remark that distilled water is cheap and has nothing harmful in it. Perhaps, but distilled water contains no minerals or anything else beneficial.

In fact, distilled water can actually be dangerous to drink.  Studies have shown that drinking distilled water for an extended period of time can cause no end of physical problems.  

Health Tip:  Save the distilled water for your steam iron.

In the search for better water, people and the planet are paying the price.  Tyent is helping to change that with machines that transform ordinary tap water into ionized alkaline water. Tyent Water doesn’t pollute the world, is clean and fresh, and has a list of impressive health benefits.

How Can Ionized Alkaline Water Be Good For You and the Planet?

Let’s begin with how it’s good for the planet. 

The most obvious point would be there are no plastic bottles to dispose of.  When you enjoy a glass of Tyent Water, you can just set your glass down when you are finished.  You don’t have to concern yourself with tossing a plastic bottle into the trash and contributing to the growing plastic fiasco.  The guilt of not recycling is also eliminated.  I like that part.

Now to the good for you part.

It is no secret that the water flowing from your faucet at home is riddled with harmful chemicals; some unregulated, and many in degrees that exceed established safe standards for drinking water.  Tyent water ionizers can filter over 200 contaminants from tap water.

Does that mean the water is chemical free after the process?  No machine can eliminate all the nearly 2000 chemicals residing in tap water. But what the Tyent machines can do is reduce significantly their presence in the water. 

Mother giving the water to  baby

When Tyent machines were put through their paces by a State Approved, water-testing facility, they determined that Tyent’s water filters drastically reduced the presence of hundreds of those chemicals, many down to nearly zero.  Cleaner water is better water.

In addition, Tyent Water is ionized which means after a series of electronic impulses of positive and negative charges, a process known as electrolysis, it is replete with antioxidants and rich in minerals.  It also carries a value of 9.5 on the pH scale, making it alkaline.

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