The Tyent Water Ionizer Company Keeps Rolling on with Questions and Answers (New and Improved)

The “never ending list of questions”… never ends. Seriously though, I very much enjoy reading the vast variety of questions that come across my desk each day here at Tyent.  I also enjoy answering them.

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It is important and rewarding to impart accurate information in order for people to reach their own conclusions about ionized alkaline water.

Today holds more interesting queries and it’s time to get started responding. This first question is one that I haven’t heard before. 

Does Tyent Water Boost Your Energy?

We’ll just let these happy Tyent Customers answer this one…

Next question.

Is Ionized Alkaline Water for Real?

Absolutely, ionized alkaline water is for real.  It is real by the very fact that it exists but I sense a deeper meaning to your question.  I think you want to know if the claims about ionized alkaline water are true.  As with many questions in life, the answer depends on whom you ask.

 As an example, let’s hear from someone who suffered from Acid Reflux Disease before installing a Tyent water ionizer in his home.

Meet Kevin Pinkerman.  Kevin dealt with painful Acid Reflux every time he ate certain foods.  Some in my family suffer from the the same disorder.  My sister can’t eat anything spicy without feeling a great deal of heartburn afterward.  My brother has an aversion to foods with highly acidic tomatoes in it, and has a severe reaction as well, so I can relate to Kevin’s former problem with ARD.

Let’s hear how that disorder was virtually eliminated after having installed a Tyent ionized alkaline water machine in his house. 

“One month after drinking Tyent Water my Acid Reflux was under control.”

That is testimony from someone who actually suffered from ARD, purchased a Tyent machine, and realized great results from drinking Tyent Water.  Kevin wasn’t paid for his endorsement and I couldn’t imagine someone giving such an endorsement for a product if it wasn’t true.  I wouldn’t and I doubt that you would either.

There is water, and then there is Tyent Water

Regular water that comes out of your faucet at home is loaded with chemicals and has had even more chemicals added to it in order to make it safer to drink.  Ionized alkaline water from a Tyent water machine severely reduces the presence of over 200 contaminants in water making it much cleaner that it was. 

In addition to being cleaner, tasting far better, and having naturally occurring minerals in it, Tyent Water has antioxidants and is hydrogen-rich, for the best hydration you can get from drinking water.

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