Dr. Gus Spatharakis Studies the Health Benefits of Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizers

For years, big pharmaceutical companies have tried to squash studies done on alkaline water because they don’t want consumers to realize the magnificent health benefits of alkaline water.

They may be big business, but alkaline water is putting up a fight!
They may be big business, but alkaline water is putting up a fight!

Now, alkaline water supporters like Dr. Gus Spatharakis are speaking out against the pharmaceutical companies and in favor of alkaline water as a healthy beverage.

Who is Dr. Gus?

Dr. Gus Spatharakis is a nutritionist with years of experience helping people to live healthy lives. He runs an online supplementation company that creates all-natural supplement to enhance his patients’ lives. According to his website,

“Dr. Gus’ vision is to have a nutritionist in every home, our goal is to help fulfill that vision by supplying your supplement needs.”

After becoming interested in alkaline water, Dr. Gus decided to perform a blood test on one of his patients to see once and for all if alkaline water is a viable health supplement. Learn more about Dr. Gus here!

Alkaline Water Blood Analysis Test

The basic premise of the test was to see the type of effects that alkaline water has on the body after it is consumed. To gather the information he needed, Dr. Gus analyzed a patient’s blood before and after she drank alkaline water and noted the differences in each sample.

“To our amazement the results from the ionized water is within minutes of consumption.” ~ Gus Spatharakis

Dr. Gus observed that soon after his patient consumed alkaline water, her blood circulation increased dramatically. See video of his amazing discovery!

Why Blood Movement is Important

Red Rock creek With Vimy Peak and woodlands

“When anything moves in nature, it tends to be healthier and cleaner, just like a body of water.” ~Dr. Gus

Would you rather drink a glass of water from a stagnant pond or a rushing mountain creek? The answer is clear, and the reason the creek is cleaner is because it is moving. The same can be said for our bodies and our blood: movement is healthier.

The Final Verdict from Dr. Gus

The verdict is in, and it favors Tyent alkaline water!
The verdict is in, and it favors Tyent alkaline water!

Based on the evidence he collected in his clinical study of alkaline water which included increased movement of red blood cells and increased oxygenation, Dr. Gus said, “We have seen positive clinical results symptomatically with our patients’ health.”

Do not let the big pharmaceutical companies hide the power of alkaline water any longer. Listen to Dr. Gus and start drinking alkaline water today!

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