How To Change Your Water Ionizer Filters: MMP Models

Even great products have a limited lifespan and although Tyent’s water ionizer filters are extremely durable, they will eventually need to be replaced.

Filter replacement is maintenance for your water ionizer!
Filter replacement is maintenance for your water ionizer!

Fortunately, Tyent engineers took ease of filter replacement into consideration when designing the MMP line of counter top water ionizers.

Water Ionizer Filters and their Function

The primary functions of a Tyent water ionizer are filtration and electrolysis. After passing through an MMP water ionizer, tap water is both pure and alkaline, rich with antioxidants and free of contaminants. Every counter top ionizer from Tyent has a dual filtration system to ensure maximum purity.

Tyent’s Dual Filtration System

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Two filters are better than one!

Primary Filter: This filter contains ACF active carbon that removes large contaminants like organic compounds, chlorine, rust and sediment.

Secondary Filter: This filter contains ceramic material that balances the ions and minerals in the water.

After extended use, both these filters deteriorate, which is why they need to be replaced.

Replacing an MMP Filter

  1. Filters can be accessed by opening the hatch on the back of the water ionizer
  2. The primary filter (blue) will be on the left and the secondary filter (green) will be on the right
  3. Remove filters by turning counterclockwise to loosen
  4. Place new filters into appropriate positions and turn clockwise to tighten (hand tighten only)
  5. Turn machine on and check for leaks
  6. Reset primary filter by touching the filter one icon, waiting for response, “First filter” and then pressing the filter one icon again
  7. Repeat for second filter
  8. Run clean water through new filters for about 3 minutes (until water being expelled is clear)

That’s it! Your filters have been changed and the water is safe to drink!

For Replacement Filters visit the Tyent website!

To purchase your MMP counter top water ionizer visit the Tyent Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide!

How To Change Your Water Ionizer Filters: MMP Models
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