There Are Good Reasons Why People Love, Love, Love Their Tyent Water Ionizers (Revised)

There are many companies out there in the alkaline water business…some are better than others. If you are considering an ionized alkaline water purifier for your home or office, consider this; there is only one company in this business today that can truthfully say, “We make the best water ionizer in the business”, and it’s The Tyent Alkaline Water Company. 

What separates Tyent from the rest of the field you may ask?  Quality.  Quality, backed by the best warranty you’ll find on an alkaline water ionizer and a commitment to maintain that quality.  Tyent’s warranty is a no-fine-print Lifetime Warranty. 

We want you to be happy with your purchase. We want you to love your water ionizer and the health benefits you attain from drinking Tyent Water, and we want you to feel confident in your investment.

Back 2 Back Awards

Only Tyent can claim to have machines that have been given the title of Ionizer of the Year for 2015 and 2016 and Editor’s Choice Award for Best Ionizer of 2014 as well.  If you are serious about improving the quality of the water you now drink, it only stands to reason that you need a machine that has proven itself to be one of the the best when it comes to quality.

Read what an actual Tyent ionized alkaline water machine owner has to say about his decision to choose a Tyent machine over a competitor’s.

Robert-F.-MarcotteMeet Robert F. Marcotte. Robert had a unique experience in more ways than one with his Tyent ionizer.

In his words:

“I love, love, love Tyent Water and drink it always.”

I have had a 7070 Turbo for almost two years now.  I love, love, love Tyent Water™ and drink it always. I began using alkaline water about five weeks prior to my latest follow up appointment with my Naturopathic doctor. When he compared his analysis of my blood work from the past 5 months my doctor asked, “Robert what are you doing different?”

“The doctor asked me what I was doing or taking for the improvement.”

I didn’t think about my alkaline water consumption having any positive effect on me as of yet.  I was actually expecting my doctor to say that I had worsening symptoms in my blood work since it was summer in Phoenix, and I was not getting to my hiking hardly at all, and I was not eating particularly well during that time either.

ABSOLUTELY opposite!!!! He said no!!! that my liver and other organ function was improved! The doctor asked me what I was doing or taking for the improvement.

For the life of me I could not think of any changes UNTIL I was leaving the office and it clicked!


I turned around and ran to his office and exclaimed, “I HAVE BEEN DRINKING ALKALINE WATER FOR THE PAST 5 WEEKS!”

The doctor said he has heard of it and that it would explain the positive changes he is seeing!

I could not help but think what years of drinking this life source would mean for my long term health! Awesome! I will never be without a TYENT system in my life!

I am grateful about the day I found out about ionized alkaline water!  Thank you so much Tyent!

Robert is just one of the multitude of ebullient Tyent Machine Owners.  You too, can become a proud Tyent owner with financing for as little as $99.00 a month.

 Everyday, more and more people are discovering the Tyent difference in water purification.

Everyday, more and more people are discovering the Tyent difference in water ionizers.

While we can’t promise drinking Tyent Water will make you look like Sam Elliot as Robert does, we do guarantee that you are going to get great results and that you are going to love, love, love your Tyent water ionizer.  In fact, we guarantee it! 

Already love your water ionizer? Be sure to tell us your favorite features in the comments!

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