The Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company Wants You to be Informed (New and Improved!)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On March 3, 2015 8:48 pm

These days, more and more people are discovering ionized alkaline water and why it is so popular with so many.  Not everyone though, knows  exactly what it is. 

Unsure about ionized water?
Unsure about ionized water?

Case in point; someone asked me if you had to add an alkalizer to the water to make it alkaline.  I explained you didn’t need to add anything to the water when you own a Tyent water ionizer.  Merely introduce the water into the Tyent system and the machine does the rest.

It transforms the water from ugly tap water into beautiful Tyent Water replete with vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc.  The water is also purified through our Dual Filtration process which

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More Good Things About The Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company (New + Improved!)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On February 18, 2015 6:56 pm

Making a great alkaline water ionizer that provides you with cleaner, fresher, better tasting water is only the first reason to choose a Tyent water ionizer over another brand. 

The deeper you look, the better we appear.
The deeper you look, the better we appear.

Tyent machines are designed to significantly reduce the presence of hundreds of harsh chemicals that are lurking in everyday tap water and that’s just for starters.  

With our patented Dual Filtration System the water that emerges from a Tyent alkaline water machine, after it has been thoroughly filtered and ionized, is some of the best water you can drink.  

To begin with, the water is much cleaner and now possesses properties that can be beneficial to your skin, improve hydration and help …

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Ionized Alkaline Water Better For You Simply By What It Doesn’t Contain (Revised)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On January 29, 2015 6:48 pm

Many of the questions received here at Tyent have two familiar themes running through them: medicine and chemicals.  People, it would seem, are under the impression that ionized alkaline water must contain added chemicals to make it more beneficial than regular water. 

Tyent water ionizers never add chemicals
Tyent water ionizers never add chemicals to your water.

That is understandable, I mean, water is water right, so how can water be anything more without the introduction of chemicals?

To begin with, water is water.  However, the water that flows from your tap at home may have so many chemicals floating around in it that it’s scary.  In addition, when the water in your municipality reaches the treatment plant, part of the process in cleaning

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Let’s Talk About Soft Water and the benefits of Tyent Ionized Water (Updated)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On January 21, 2015 5:33 pm

We receive loads of questions every week here at Tyent. Some people want to know more specifics about ionized alkaline water. Others have questions about the water they drink and wonder if Tyent Water is any better or if a Tyent machine can clean up their water. Today, we have two questions that need answering and so let’s get right to them.

Beautiful young woman drinking water - beautiful happy woman enj

Is Ionized Alkaline Water Hard or Soft?

Good question.  Let’s define first what soft water is:

Soft Waterwater that contains little or no dissolved salts from minerals such as calcium, magnesium, & iron.  Often created by processes of distillation, reverse osmosis, or the addition of a chemical softener

Soft water is very effective for washing

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Comparing Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water to Bottled Water, Part 1 (Revised)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On January 19, 2015 7:14 pm

There seems to be a lot of confusion and curiosity about ionized alkaline water these days.  Some people aren’t sure what it is.  Some want to know what it does, while others want to know if it is any better than plain old tap or bottled water.

We're here to remove the confusion about ionized water
We’re here to remove the confusion about ionized water

At Tyent, we want to answer those questions and more including the difference between ionized alkaline water and the tap or bottled water that most people drink every day. 

The question most asked is: 

Is Tyent Alkaline Water Really any Better than Bottled Water…and Why?

Unless you are buying your water or own a water purifier, you are most likely drinking water that

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Ionized Alkaline Water Can Help the Earth and Your Wallet (Updated)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On January 6, 2015 6:28 pm

In a world where clean drinking water is becoming scarcer, people want healthy alternatives to chemical-filled tap water and expensive bottled water (that may not be any better or cleaner than the water in their pipes at home).

Stop wasting your money on bottled water.
Stop wasting your money on bottled water.

In addition, bottled water has so many negatives attached to it that people are realizing there must be a better way — and there is.  Ionized alkaline water from Tyent is the healthy alternative to tap and bottled water.  Let’s begin with the negatives of bottled plastic water.

What’s So Bad About Bottled Water?

Below are some negative effects of plastic bottled water on your body, your planet and your wallet.  

  • The air pollution created
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Is Alkaline Water from a Water Ionizer Worth It? (Updated)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On November 25, 2014 6:10 pm

It seems the more questions answered about ionized alkaline water, the more questions asked. To begin with, several people wanted to know about the cost of drinking alkaline water, and if it was really worth it.  The answer to the latter part of that question is yes, it is absolutely worth it. Not only is water from a water ionizer far superior to tap and bottled drinking water on every level (including price at about 6¢ a glass!), but because of the incredible amount of pollution and litter bottled water generates. 

The cost of drinking bottled water might be steeper than you realize.
The cost of drinking bottled water might be steeper than you realize.

The Eco-friendly Water Ionizer Solution

Let’s look at the cost in residue from drinking

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5+ Reasons to Drink Tyent Alkaline Water from a Water Ionizer (updated)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On October 15, 2014 6:35 pm

While the terms ionized alkaline water is becoming more widespread in the world, the definition or certainty about what that water actually is…is not so common. Today is a good day to learn some facts about alkaline water from a water ionizer and the benefits it offers over traditional tap water, bottled water, and just about every other type of water you can think of.

Settle in for a lesson on water ionizers.
Okay- in Layman’s Terms, What is Ionized Alkaline Water?

Let’s start with the basics about alkalinity and pH levels.  The pH level is the measure of the hydrogen ion concentration of a solution.  The pH scale runs from zero to 14 with 7 being neutral.  Alkaline

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Tyent USA And Clean Water In The World

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 17, 2014 5:49 pm


                                On the Hunt for Clean Water

Magnified drop    Following yesterday’s blog I received some positive feedback from people who were aghast at the degree of filth some of those bodies of water contained.  I also was asked this same question more than twice, “Where is the cleanest water found?”


I liked that question so I set out to discover where the cleanest water in the world might be found.  Here is what I learned.


When it comes to naturally clean water, we must travel to the far North.  Canada, to be specific.


 Canada Map    Elmvale, Canada:  Located some 90 minutes north of Toronto, the sleepy little village of Elmvale is located in aptly named, Springwater Township.  For the past 20 years the

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Round Two In Water Conservation

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 10, 2014 6:00 pm


                             There is More We Can do to Conserve Water


Bath ball

As I wrote yesterday, at Tyent USA, water is our business, our only business.  However, water conservation is everyone’s business.  Especially when it comes to waste and preservation. 


In yesterday’s blog I wrote about the necessity of conserving water and laid out some simple measures we could all incorporate to help save water and money in our own homes, but also to the benefit of society and ultimately, the world as well. 


I received some good feedback on yesterday’s blog and some asked me to please continue and show what else we can do to conserve and preserve our most important resource, water. 


As important as effort is, just

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