Benefits of Alkaline Water And Pregnancy [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Know more about alkaline water and pregnancy, along with how to keep you and your baby healthy, here!

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  1. Effects of Pregnancy on the Body’s Acidity
  2. What Are The Benefits of Alkaline Water?
  3. Side Effects of Pregnancy

Alkaline Water And Pregnancy | What You Need To Know

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Effects of Pregnancy on the Body’s Acidity

Sitting pregnant woman drinking water | Alkaline Water And Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting and scary time! From the moment the pregnancy test turns positive, there comes a whole new set of emotions and questions, including what is and isn’t safe for you and your baby.

It’s pretty common knowledge to stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, and shellfish, but what about alkaline water? Can you continue to drink it while pregnant?

According to scientist, inventor, author, and promoter of alkaline water Sang Whang, “When a woman gets pregnant, she loses quite a bit of alkaline minerals to the fetus. . . .  In the early stage of the pregnancy, [the] mother’s body loses alkaline minerals to the placenta to make sure that the adequate amounts of alkaline minerals are there to neutralize all the acidic discharges from [the] fetus for the next 9 months.

This causes her blood to become acidic rather suddenly, which is the cause of morning sickness, as discovered by Japanese doctors.”

What Are the Benefits of Alkaline Water?

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Alkaline water is a great way to keep your pH balanced.

With the blood suddenly becoming acidic, drinking alkaline water while pregnant can help stabilize the body’s pH level. It restores the alkaline minerals in the body that gets absorbed by the fetus.

Being too acidic makes the body more prone to diseases, so consuming alkaline water helps strengthen your immune system. This is particularly helpful when you experience pregnancy symptoms and side effects.

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Side Effects of Pregnancy

Even though pregnancy should be a wonderful time in your life, unpleasant side effects often come along with it. Here are some of those side effects and how alkaline water may be able to help.

1. Indigestion and Heartburn

More than half of all pregnant women report symptoms of severe heartburn.

Heartburn may occur during pregnancy because of changing hormone levels. Also, an enlarged uterus can crowd your abdomen.

This means, your stomach gets pushed up, forcing stomach acid up and out into your esophagus.

Alkaline water can help alleviate heartburn and acid reflux by helping to buffer and neutralize some of those stomach acids.

Heartburn Definition: A painful sensation in the throat or chest caused by the reflux of stomach acid back into the esophageal tract.

2. Constipation

Increased levels of hormones, iron supplementation, and pressure on your rectum from your uterus can all cause constipation during pregnancy. Stool softeners and laxatives help move things along but being pregnant, you want to stick with the more natural options.

One of the best ways to relieve constipation naturally is to increase your fiber intake. Expectant mothers should eat more fruits and vegetables. They should also drink at least six to eight glasses of water per day.

Alkaline water is a natural remedy for constipation.

How can alkaline water help with digestion and constipation?

Tyent restructures the water to make smaller molecules. This way, it becomes easier to digest and absorb.

The more water you drink, the better your digestion will be.

3. Decreased Energy and Fatigue

Pregnant woman | Alkaline Water And Pregnancy

Many pregnant women feel sluggish and tired from time to time, especially in the first and third trimesters. You can blame this fatigue on hormones and the extra work your body has to do to accommodate the new life forming inside of you.

Staying properly hydrated is important. It can help boost your energy levels and improve your immune system.

Since Tyent alkaline water is restructured for easier absorption, it will help hydrate and energize pregnant women naturally. This eases the fatigue pregnant mothers face in 9 months.

4. Morning Sickness

As you may already know, the term morning sickness is misleading because it can occur at any time of day. Again, those good old hormones can be partially to blame for your feelings of sickness.

Symptoms can range from nausea to vomiting several times a day.

Morning sickness usually dissipates around 12 weeks, but some women suffer from morning sickness throughout their whole pregnancy. Don’t worry, alkaline water may be able to help.

If you are trying to conceive, it’s a good idea to drink plenty of alkaline water as well. Sang Whang suggests, “Before a woman becomes pregnant, she should drink [an] ample amount of alkaline water to avoid morning sickness and have a healthy baby. Without enough alkaline minerals, the woman ages considerably during pregnancy and may experience all kinds of post-delivery problems.”

Too much acid can make the body too acidic, putting it at risk of sickness once the immune system is compromised. When you’re pregnant and acidic, you can become more prone to the side effects of pregnancy.

Counter that by keeping your alkaline minerals high and you’ll have a wonderful time watching your baby’s growth both inside and outside the womb.

If you’re trying to get pregnant, we wish you the best of luck. If you are already pregnant, congratulations!

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Benefits of Alkaline Water And Pregnancy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of alkaline water and pregnancy:

We wish you a safe, healthy and happy pregnancy! If alkaline water has helped you during your pregnancy with any of the symptoms listed above or any other ailments, we would love to hear from you! Please share your story with us!

Do you know more about alkaline water and pregnancy? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Benefits of Alkaline Water And Pregnancy [INFOGRAPHIC]

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  1. Yes. I believe that Alkaline water has helped soothe the symptoms of pregnancy for me. This is the water i supply for my family’s daily drinking water for the most part amd have continued since becoming pregnant. I noticed that everytime i would fill up our jugs with just regular purified water my pregnancy symptoms would slowly start to become worse. Then when i filled up with alkaline water they would then get better again. I have had little to nausea this pregnancy compared to the first baby 5 years ago when i wasn’t drinking alkaline water at all regularly. I really hope to be able to buy a machine for my household so we can save money.

    1. Hi Monica,
      I’m so happy to hear that the alkaline water is giving you such great benefits. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Erin. That’s wonderful! We wish you two the best of luck.

      If you aren’t already drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water, we recommend you get yourself a Tyent water ionizer sooner than later. That way, you can experience all the benefits of our water that this article discussed. Please give us a call at 855-893-6887 for more details.

    1. Hi, Scott. Thanks for that. We wish your sister the best of luck with her pregnancy.

      If she’s interested in alkaline water, please tell her to give us a call at 855-893-6887 so that our water ionizer experts can talk to her.

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