Alkaline Water and Energy

Alkaline Water and Energy -

What is energy?  The Greek word for energy is Energia, meaning in or at work


 *Energy is an enigma in many ways.  It doesn’t have mass, can’t be physically touched, yet, is everywhere.  There are actually six forms of energy.  There is Chemical, Radiant, Nuclear, Thermal, Electrical and Mechanical energy.  Mechanical energy can be defined as the energy a substance or system has because of its motion.  Mechanical energy is what enables our bodies to move.  This type of mechanical energy is known as kinetic energy.  Kinetic energy may be defined as energy at work.  Without kinetic energy there would be no motion.  My wife might say that I am a classic example of this on Sundays during football season, as I lie on the couch…seemingly, motionless.


 Our bodies couldn’t function without kinetic energy.  I am using kinetic energy as I type.




Alkaline Water and Energy -

Ionized Alkaline Water as an Energy Boost


Your body has all the energy it needs to perform its daily tasks.  However, some might understandably ask; if that’s the case, why then do I often feel sluggish or suffer from a lack of energy?  Answer.  Assuming it isn’t just from overexertion, it is due to the fact that the body is out of balance or harmony with itself.  That is when we need to hit the reset button on good health, and Alkaline Water from TyentUSA is a great place to start. 


 It begins with your pH balance.  Balance being the key word.  Acidic foods such as meats, dairy products, chips, colas, and a host of other highly processed foods throw our natural pH state into a frenzy allowing for the formation of free radicals and other undesirables that can disrupt our flow of natural energy and produce a myriad of health problems. Drinking pure, fresh, alkaline water helps restore the body to its natural pH level that prohibits the growth of these dangerous free radicals.  When your body is in tune, it functions as it should with a natural energy. 




Alkaline Water and Energy -

Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy


A proper diet consisting of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts along with a daily regimen of moderate exercise, can work wonders in restoring your body to optimum health.  Additionally, it has been proven scientifically that drinking ionized alkaline water offers tremendous health benefits that help to regulate your internal system allowing your body to function at full capacity; thus, more energy.


People from around the world that regularly drink alkaline water not only enjoy the freshest, healthiest, most delicious water they’ve ever tasted, but happily proclaim the multitude of health related problems that have virtually disappeared since they began.  A few of the many positive health changes they have experienced are listed below.

  • Exponentially increased energy
  • Elimination of acid reflux syndrome
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Smoother, younger looking skin



These of course are but the tip of the iceburg when it comes to the plethora of benefits derived from drinking ionized alkaline water and no company provides better alkaline water than TyentUSA.


When you have your health…you have everything.  So whether you are healthy right now and want to stay that way, or are having some health issues that you’d like to see improve, please take a moment to look into ionized alkaline water from Tyent.  It has been proven to be truly amazing!





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2 thoughts on “Alkaline Water and Energy

  1. Like I’m in a science class again haha. I try to exercise every day and drink enough water so these are nice reminders.

    1. Hi, Kyrone. We’re happy to help you stay aware! Thanks for letting us know that you’re taking care of your health.:)

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