These Women of Water Are Leading the Charge for Clean Water in America

Did you read the recent Google Story about the six awesome girls (Women of Water) who are using their ingenuity, skills, and initiative to make sure more Americans drink clean, safe water?

women of water
Women of Water – their incredible achievements! Credit: Google Stories

Familiar Faces!

We were especially thrilled to see that several of the women featured already had their achievements highlighted in this blog!

Almost exactly one year ago, we wrote about how Gitanjali Rao had won a major 2017 Young Scientist Award for her invention: a tool that works with Android technology to detect lead in water samples.

News From NASA

We were also thrilled to learn that the trio of youngsters whose incredible feat of using NASA-inspired technology to ensure that water in schools is safe for students to drink had won second prize in the NASA “OPSPARC” Challenge!

Being featured in the Google Stories is just the latest accolade for the three young scientists and we’re sure that we’ll hear more about them in the future!

“We know that there are water filters out there, so why do we still have impure water?” – India Skinner

Women of Water: The Future

water ionizers

From young Flint activist Amariyanna “Mari” Copeny to entrepreneur Doll Avant, these women are focused on one thing: making sure that the next generation of Americans enjoys safer drinking water.

This is a tall order indeed – but we have a feeling that these inspiring women of water will continue rising to the challenge!

“What do you do if people don’t know that there are 3,000 locations in the United States with more lead in their water than Flint, Michigan?” – Doll Avant

Water Ionizers: A Solution for Today

Does the “Women of Water” story motivate YOU to take a stand for clean water?

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water ionizer
Put the benefits of alkaline water into your life by getting a Tyent water ionizer machine for your sink!

Tyent Water truly is the healthiest water on the planet. So, celebrate good health with every sip of our alkaline hydrogen water!

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