The Down and Dirty Truth about Plain Old Water Alkalizers

Sometimes, there’s just too much information out there, and it’s hard to know the plain facts about something. The sheer vastness of the Internet means that you can find everything and nothing at the same time.

This can be the case when it comes to water alkalizers, and water ionizers. They both make water a better deal for your health, right? What’s the big difference anyway?

Only one of these glasses contains powerful antioxidants.  Choose carefully.
Only one of these glasses contains powerful antioxidants. Choose carefully.

Down With Free Radicals

The big difference is electrolysis. One word, big difference.

A water ionizer uses electrolysis to split water molecules to form hydrogen and oxygen. This process produces powerful antioxidants, which seek out any free radicals in your body. Unstable or deteriorating molecules are neutralized, and fewer free radicals means great news for your health. Oxygen is our very life force, and yet becomes depleted in our bodies easily. Drinking ionized water is a great way of boosting the oxygen in your body and increasing your energy levels.

A water alkalizer simply cannot replicate this vital function, and it is only ionized water that provides this antioxidant protection for your body.

What About Filters?

Alkalizers use filters to reduce the levels of potential contaminants in your water, and in some cases, they add minerals in the process. All well and good, but when compared to the filtration system you get with Tyent Ionizers, the differences once again, are pretty significant.

All filters are not created equally. Our water ionizer Ultra Filters are the best in the world. The micron level of our filters is .01, the same micron size used in kidney dialysis machines and proven to remove over 200 contaminants, including 99.9% of lead.

As the world and the environment changes, we ensure that we constantly adapt to keep our filtration system at the cutting edge of what is technologically possible.

Research, water, life.

The Result?

With a Tyent Ionizer, your balanced alkaline water is ionized with beneficial antioxidants. You just can’t get this from a plain old water alkalizer. Sorry, water alkalizers.

The words ionize and alkalize might be similar, but the big difference is in every glass you drink. What difference does ionized water make to your life? Drop us a line and tell us!

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2 thoughts on “The Down and Dirty Truth about Plain Old Water Alkalizers

  1. My doctor says I should not drink alkalized water with vitamins or food. So, when do you drink it????? We need acidic stomach.

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