Sandbranch: The Town Without Water

There has never been running water here.  Some of the dwindling number of residents, all of whom live in poverty, recall that there were wells up until around 30 years ago, where locals could draw water. Those wells are now dry or contaminated.  People who live here have to make a seven-mile journey to buy water or depend on donations made to the local Baptist church.

Welcome to Sandbranch, just 14 miles southeast of Dallas, the fifth wealthiest city in America.  

Welcome to Sandbranch.
Forgotten Community?

There hasn’t been any investment here for a long time.  The community doesn’t have trash collections, proper sewerage or street lighting – yet most of the residents don’t want move, or lack the means to do so.  Whatever the problems, Sandbranch is still home.  There is a collective hunch that if the community finally disappears, developers can move in and the gravel mining programs in the area can expand.  

Hope for Sandbranch?

But there is hope.  The light of media attention that has rightly shone on Flint and other communities blighted by dirty, dangerous water has edged a little closer to Sandbranch.  

With the help of Project DreamHaus, a blueprint has been produced setting out a vision of how this tiny community might finally enjoy the quality of life that millions take for granted.  

America’s Water in Crisis

Everyone needs clean water.  Individuals and communities cannot thrive without it.  Stories about America’s water pipeline crisis keep hitting the headlines.  The repair bill is too big and the national conversation about the problem too convoluted for anyone to expect a solution anytime soon.  

So what can we do?  Few of us face the chronic water supply issues in Sandbranch, but millions of people are potentially exposed to contamination of their drinking water from cracked pipelines and inadequate water treatment.

Clean Water From Your Water Ionizer

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Affordable and Guaranteed

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