Growing Seeds for Your Garden?  3 Great Tips Using Your Water Ionizer!

Who doesn’t love the spring?  It’s hard not to get all clichéd about it, but the buds on the trees, the little green shoots pushing through winter-hardened soil and lambs (aw!  Lambs!) tottering around next to their mothers; it’s all pretty wonderful.  New life, fresh starts and all that.

Spring is springing!
Spring is springing!

And of course, if you’re a gardener, then it is, quite frankly, the most exciting time of the whole year!  Finally, you can start sowing those seeds that you’ve been itching to get your hands on all winter and begin the obsessive watching for signs of tiny stems unfolding from their seed cases.

And did you know that your growing efforts can be helped along with alkaline water?  It really is a gardener’s best friend!

  1. Enjoy a Good Soak (in Alkaline Water!)

Some seeds respond really well to soaking before sowing in potting compost.  The reasoning behind it is that seeds are designed by Mother Nature to be pretty tough and survive the cold; endure waterlogged soil, and the possibility of a wild animal’s digestive tract!  So seed cases can be tough, too tough for the pampered and easy life they’re likely to have in your garden!

Soaking larger seeds in alkaline water can speed up germination time once they’re in the soil.  Don’t soak for too long; between 8 and 12 hours is perfect.

  1. Or Maybe an Alkaline Water Shower?

The plants, that is – although feel free to join them.  Soil, like your body, has a pH level.  And like your body, some soils are too acidic and plants grown in it can benefit enormously from being watered with alkaline water to redress the balance.  You can buy a soil testing kit easily and cheaply to identify the pH of your soil, to determine its needs.

  1. Turbo Tidy!

Clear away mossy patches and clean out your plant pots with strong alkaline or acid Turbo water from your ionizer.   Perfect for sterilizing and disinfecting, Turbo water is also exactly what you need to clean down your glasshouse for the new growing season.

Children play with garden hoses

Get Growing!

We’d love to hear about any other ways that you use alkaline water in your garden.  Drop us a line and share your gardening tips!

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2 thoughts on “Growing Seeds for Your Garden?  3 Great Tips Using Your Water Ionizer!

  1. Good tips! I just got my own Tyent ACE-13 and my kids and I are going to start gardening this week with the runoff.

    1. Hi, Brooke. That’s splendid! We wish you and your kids a lot of fun when you start gardening. Thank you for choosing Tyent to satisfy your family’s water and nutrition needs.

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