Water Science: Splitting Up Molecules

Water science is more advanced than ever before. You might have noticed in the news that scientists have made a breakthrough in identifying a way to separate the two types of water molecule for the first time.  

Water science and water ionizers
Water science goes on and on…

Remember This From School?

Two types of a water molecule?  Yes!  To briefly revisit our high school chemistry notebooks on water science, water is comprised of two hydrogen atoms and a single, lone oxygen atom, forming a kind of V-shape.

Maybe Not This…

Every single water molecule on the planet is either a para-water molecule or an ortho-water molecule.  To distill vast amounts of complex particle physics into the briefest of summaries, the difference is that the nucleus at the center of each atom rotates differently to the other.

When the nucleus of the hydrogen atoms rotate in the same direction, the molecule is ortho-water.  When the rotations are in opposite directions; it’s para-water.

Go-Faster Water!

By splitting water molecules into para- and ortho-water, particle physicists were able to observe that the two types of water in fact have different chemical reactions.  Para-water reacts around 25 percent faster than otho-water!

The study nudges chemistry and nuclear physics up against each other, and offers the possibility of – for example – creating new, more efficient forms of fuel.

It’s fascinating stuff!

Water Ionizer Technology is Just As Amazing!

But did you know that Tyent Water Ionizers ‘split’ water as well?  It’s very different cutting-edge technology but no less amazing!

A Tyent Water Ionizer is plumbed into your mains supply.  Press a button on the smartphone-style keypad and water flows into the machine, where it is immediately filtered before flowing into the electrolysis chamber and over our patented Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates.

Our plates are engineered to be the best in the world.  Want to learn more?

  • Titanium plates. Built from corrosion-resistant titanium, our plates have outstanding strength and resilience.
  • Platinum plated. The titanium plates are dipped multiple times in platinum for durability and performance.  
  • Solid/Mesh Hybrid. Our engineers worked tirelessly to produce a plate that would give exceptional performance, while still being incredibly strong.   

Ionized Water! 

The final stage in the water’s journey is to be ionized by positive and negative electrical charges in the plates before being streamed into acidic and alkaline water, ready for you to enjoy!

Scientific breakthroughs in water science often end up affecting our lives for the better.

Nascent technology that emerges in the labs will eventually be harnessed to make our lives faster, cleaner, healthier and more.tyent

Amazing Tyent Water!
In the case of Tyent Water Ionizers, pioneering science and engineering provide delicious, hydrogen-rich alkaline water at the push of a button!  Want to learn why that is so amazing for your body?  Grab our FREE Water Ionizer Cheat Sheet to find out more!

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