Cleaner, Healthier Water from the Tyent Water Ionizer Company (Revised)

At Tyent, we love our customers and are there for them even after the sale. We want to ensure they are not only thrilled with their water ionizer, but with the service they receive after their purchase. In addition to providing our customers with quality products, our customer service is an integral part of making sure our family of customers are completely happy and that they stay that way.

Our Customer Service Team is here for you every step of the way.
We’re here for you every step of the way when you purchase a water ionizer.

We would also like to instill that same degree of confidence to those potential buyers who are considering investing in a Tyent water ionizer in the future.  That is why we offer this question and answers section in a blog, so you can learn more about this wonderful water as well as water ionizers.

First up:

 Are Water Ionizers Good for Indoor Plants?

I actually touched on the subject of alkaline water and plants this past summer but in case you missed it I will recap.

Many gardeners prefer an organic-type garden because watering with ordinary faucet or tap water can introduce a host of harmful chemicals like fluoride and chlorine than can be unhealthy and even harmful to your plants. 

There are two houseplants I can think of that don’t handle these chemicals very well and they are the spider plant and dracaena.  Both of these indoor plants can be injured by the fluoride contained in tap water and as such, watering with just tap water should be avoided when possible. 

Water from your water ionizer is best to use on these but be sure to check the specific water requirements for other plants you may be growing as well.  High degrees of chlorine in tap water can cause leaf-burn to your plants too.  Additionally, some organic gardeners are concerned about transferring the chemicals in tap water to their herbs and vegetables and take pains to insure that good, chemical free water is introduced to them.   

Water Ionizers and Pregnancy

Could a water ionizer help reduce morning sickness?
Could a water ionizer help reduce morning sickness?

Water from a water ionizer is much cleaner water than tap water.  Our filters reduce over 200 contaminants, including 99% of lead.  Not only is the water cleaner, but it also contains natural minerals and healthy antioxidants. 

Here’s what noted scientist, engineer, and author of Reverse Aging, Sang Whang, has to say about alkaline water and pregnancy.

Sang-Whang “When a woman gets pregnant, she loses quite a bit of alkaline minerals to the fetus. . . . In the early stage of the pregnancy, [the] mother’s body loses alkaline minerals to the placenta to make sure that the adequate amounts of alkaline minerals are there to neutralize all the acidic discharges from [the] fetus for the next 9 months. This causes her blood to become acidic rather suddenly, which is the cause of morning sickness, as discovered by Japanese doctors.” 

Mr. Whang goes on to say, If the mother had [an] adequate alkaline reserve, i.e., plenty of alkaline mineral supply in the form of alkaline buffer in the blood, she would not even have morning sickness.”

Of course, when you’re pregnant, always consult your doctor or health care provider before beginning any health-related regimen, even the type of water you should be drinking. 

Have more questions about water ionizers? Give our customer care team a call at  and we’ll be happy to help you!

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