Water Ionizers & Power Showers for the Ultimate Summer Chill!

In the summer, many of us like to shower more frequently than we normally would. Let’s face it – on a hot summer day, nothing beats standing underneath a cooling jet of water!

shower filter
Your morning shower just got even better!

Your Skin and Chlorine

Now that stream of water might be wonderfully refreshing to step into in the morning, but let’s remember two things: your skin is your largest organ, and your municipal water is very likely to contain chlorine.

To an extent – what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. So, what do you do if you want to cut back on the amount of chlorine in your shower water?

You buy a Tyent shower filter to experience the ultimate summer chill!

Tyent Shower Filters

Did you know that other than selling the best water ionizers in the world, Tyent has a range of shower heads that can enhance your shower experience – as well as remove the chlorine in your source water?

Should I Buy the Tyent Shower Lux or Shower Lux2?

You probably already know that here at Tyent – we’re pretty serious about our filters – and that also goes for our shower filters!

Our budget-friendly Tyent Shower Lux2 sports a filter that lasts for six months, as well as a FABULOUS massaging head. Equipped with white and chrome colors that look great in any bathroom, the Shower Lux2 removes chlorine, sediment and dirt, iron oxide, and hydrogen sulfide from your water…all while you shower!

Or how about the Tyent Shower Lux in four STUNNING jeweled metallic finishes? Sporting a gravity-fed filter and filtration life of three to six months – you’ll be amazed at how your skin and hair feel once you start showering in chlorine-free water with a Tyent shower filter!

A Tyent Summer – The Best Kind of Summer!

As summer heats up and the temperatures soar, cool your body down with a Tyent Shower Filter and cool your insides with a refreshing glass of hydrogen-rich alkaline water from your Tyent water ionizer machine!

Need some more help cooling down? Pop some pH-balanced Tyent alkaline water into a water bottle and keep it in the fridge to spray onto your face and body whenever you need a fast, fresh cool down!

alkaline water
Nothing like refreshing Tyent alkaline water for that summertime feeling!

We Love Talking About Water Ionizers!

Any questions?  Our customer care team is always here to chat about our award-winning water ionizers and shower filters – so give us a call at !

Or if you want a good read while relaxing in the summer sun – then WOW yourself with our FREE Cheat Sheet for some jaw-dropping tips and facts about water ionizers!

water ionizers
Call us today to talk shop about the benefits of alkaline water from our Tyent water ionizers!
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4 thoughts on “Water Ionizers & Power Showers for the Ultimate Summer Chill!

  1. Love Tyent. If anyone hasn’t invested in one of their water ionizers, please do you and your loved ones a favor and do so.

    1. Hey Jerry,

      We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the power of hydrogen-rich alkaline water from a Tyent water ionizer. Please continue to spread the word!


  2. Hello, just a question. If I already have a Tyent water ionizer, would I still need the filter? Or can I just use the water from there when I shower?

    Much gratitude.

    – E. Phillips

    1. Hi, Edwin. You can definitely use the acidic water from your water ionizer to rinse your hair. You’d just have to gather the water before you shower.

      If you’d rather have a separate filter for your shower without worrying about collecting water from your ionizer, then we recommend purchasing any of our high-quality shower filters instead.

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