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Some Serious Reasons to Drink Tyent Water



logo    Tyent Water.  To those in the know, those two words signify water that is cleaner than well water, purer than bottled water, and safer than tap water.

 In fact, Tyent Water is all those things and so much more.

It begins with our award-winning models of ionized alkaline water purifiers.  To get great water you need great filters.  Tyent filters are unmatched in the industry at removing or reducing the presence of dangerous and potentially harmful chemicals found in the water that flows from your faucet at home.

After filtering out the impurities, the water is then passed over our platinum dipped plates that create the ionization.

Some argue that while admittedly, there are hundreds of chemicals in the municipal water we drink, they are in such small doses as to be rendered harmless or the government wouldn’t allow them to be in there.  Yeah right.


I would argue the opposite is true.  While some chemicals are indeed necessary to improve the quality of the water flowing into our homes, the hundreds and hundreds of other chemicals contained in it are unintentional and even dangerous.  Many are quite dangerous in any amount.  While some of these chemicals are less dangerous, what about their consumption over the long term?  What’s the risk to your health when ingesting these chemicals for years on end?


 Chemistry-    You won’t have to worry about that when you invest in a water purifier that guarantees (for a lifetime) that the water flowing from your tap at home has been purified to the point of actually being healthy for you to drink.


Here are some of the chemicals in your water that you don’t want to be consuming and some of the problems that long-term exposure can produce.


Unless you have a Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water Purifier at home protecting you, you drink these every time you have a glass of water or make some coffee, or any water-based drink. 


 Water 5

  • Trihalomethanes – These chemicals are the result of disinfectants added to the water in an attempt to purify it.  These chemicals can cause liver, kidney, and central nervous system problems with long-term exposure.  So much for the cure.


  • Dichlorobenzene – Liver, kidney or spleen damage, with changes in the blood


  • Beryllium – Intestinal lesions


  • Mercury – Kidney damage


  • Dicloroethane – Increased risk of cancer


For your information, this short list (of the many) chemicals listed above came from the EPA’s own site on drinking water contamination.  There are a whole lot more listed there if you want to read about them.  You will find the link at the end of this article.



For your further information, in laboratory tests, Tyent’s ionized alkaline water purifiers removed or decreased the presence of all of these chemicals so much so, that the water was deemed completely safe for drinking according the governments own safety standards for safe drinking water. 


 LABcoat    The list of the many and I mean many, potentially dangerous chemicals Tyent’s Solid/Mesh Platinum filters weeded out, left the laboratory white coats giving the Tyent machines the thumbs up for approval.


These Tyent machines are the best at what they do and superior filtration is just one.


They raise the pH level of the water; add life-giving minerals essential to good health, and scores of people have reported relief from everything from Acid Reflux to Eczema.


There has never been a greater need for pure water in this world and never a better time with Tyent’s Back To School Give Away Sale going on right now.


You can protect your health, save money, and stop buying environmentally destructive plastic bottles, all in one fell swoop with the purchase of a Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water purifier.


Learn more about them at tyentusa.com



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    1. Hi, Javier. We’d love for our tap water situation to be a lot better. Still, you can trust Tyent’s water ionizers to clean up the bad stuff in your water at home so that you don’t have to worry about consuming all those contaminants.

      Call us at 855-893-6887 for more info!

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