The Two Sides Of Tyent’s Water Ionizers (Version 2)

One of the many wonderful features and benefits of owning a water ionizer from Tyent is that you have access to both sides of this fantastic machine. 

Delicious drinking water and so much more…

A machine with two sides?” You may ask.  The answer is yes.  Tyent water ionizers have two sides to their personality.  While one side provides you and your family with the purest, mineral-rich ionized water with a high pH level (that’s good), the other side of this multi-functional machine is there to do the dirty work with strong acidic and astringent properties (that’s bad…for dirt and germs).

Why Have a Water Ionizer that Makes Acidic Water Too?

Excellent question.  The answer is, because you get twice the amount of benefits from owning one machine.  Tyent machines are good for the body and good for the home.

Let’s start with the drinking water.  Alkaline water from a water ionizer is the best you can drink.  It has so many wonderful properties that promote good health that books have been written on it. 

Great Reasons to Drink Ionized Alkaline Water from Tyent 
  • A high pH factor- a healthy 9.5 on the pH scale is on the alkaline side and great for the body
  • Antioxidant-rich and chocked full of precious minerals necessary for good health
  • Hydrating properties unmatched by regular or bottled water
  • Helps the bodies’ organs flush harmful toxins from the body
  • You are not adding to a landfill nor polluting the planet with disposable and dangerous plastics
Only 5 Reasons to Drink Alkaline Water from a Water Ionizer?

Okay then, how about 5 more?

  1. Tyent Water is ultra-pure water, having filtered out or reduced to safe levels over 200 contaminants found in tap water (including 99% of lead)
  1.  Ionized water tastes great and doesn’t have that funky plastic taste you get with bottled water 
  1. Compare the cost: ionized alkaline water runs about 6¢ a glass, bottled water around $1.50 for the same amount of water 
  1. Better hydrated skin from ionized alkaline water reduces the effects of aging
  1. Many athletes report a boost in energy and a much faster recovery time from exercising
Alright, I Get the Ionized Alkaline Part. Now What About the Acidic Side?

Ah, the acidic side.  It takes a great machine to deliver value, health, and household utility.  I of course, am speaking in part, about the acidic water produced by Tyent’s ionizers.
Here is why you want a machine that produces acid water.  This water is best used for cleaning.  Everything from disinfecting your kitchen and bathrooms to washing your face, this water works great.  In addition, you save a ton of money by eliminating many household cleaners that also pollute the world which saves you money and bad karma. 

With the easy to use touch pad on the Tyent water ionizers, you control the exact degree of acidity you need for the task at hand with the simple touch of a button.  Acidic water has an astringent property that is fantastic for cleansing the skin, leaving it smooth and supple.  Beauty Water, we call it.

Need more acidic power?  No problem.  With the Turbo setting you get even more cleansing power.  Acid water kills germs and bacteria, and is great for cleaning floors, wiping down counter tops and leaves any room fresh and clean without the use of harsh and expensive chemical cleaners.

Good for You, Good for the Planet

When all is said and done, with a water ionizer from The Tyent Alkaline Water Company, you get the best of both worlds and help this world at the same time. 

Try getting that from a plastic bottle of water.

What’s your favorite use for acidic water? Let us know in the comments!

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