Three ways to Lose Weight With Alkaline Water


           Proven Tips For Losing Weight With Alkaline Water


Head weight loss Dieting.  Trying to figure out which diet is best for you can be overwhelming to think about.

Some statistics show that at any given time there are as many as 100 million people on some kind of diet in America, while others statistics, such as the ones from Boston Medical Center, place that figure closer to 45 million people. 


 The one hundred million can be explained however, because many people often attempt dieting more than twice a year while some dieters make 3 to 4 attempts at losing weight during that period.


With nearly two-thirds of Americans deemed overweight or obese, it is little wonder that the business of losing weight is big business.  This obsession with losing weight has spawned a $20 billion dollar a year diet related industry.  That is a lot of money spent on books, drugs, and surgeries, and proves the fact that there is big money in big people.


Some People Turn to Surgery

There are many types of weight loss surgery and collectively they are known as Bariatric surgery.   Recent figures confirm that last year, approximately 220,000 morbidly obese people in the United States had some form of Bariatric surgery.  I know one personally.


 Medical Weight Loss    This last-ditch effort to lose weight includes such extreme measures as surgically removing parts of the stomach and small intestine to restrict the amount of food intake.  Ouch.


Dieting can be expensive and I’m sure many people out there would like to know if there is another way to shed those unwanted extra pounds effectively and naturally and that won’t cost them an arm and a leg just trying to lose a stomach. 

There is indeed, and it is alkaline water

Water is good, but alkaline water is best, so take action.




What is Alkaline Water?


Alkaline water is water that has its pH level raised from below 7 (acidic), to a level of above 7, making it alkaline. 

The natural follow up question would be why is that important? 

Alkaline water is important because in the body, an alkaline environment prohibits the growth of free radicals, those hungry oxygen molecules that feed on the cell walls causing so much damage and can lead to cancer.


Free radicals thrive in an acidic environment.


 Drinking Alkaline Water Can Help You Lose Weight


 Here are five facts about fat, your body and alkaline water


  1. Fat is a natural defense that stores dangerous acid thus keeping it from vital organs


  1. Alkaline water helps to flush fat cells, reducing the acidity in your body


  1. It’s simple math.  Fewer fat cells mean less weight


  1. Physicians theorize that all disease has its basis in an acidic environment


  1. Alkaline water restores the bodies’ natural pH level to inhibit free radical formation


Losing weight isn’t an easy thing to do.  It’s like living.  If it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

Weight seems to go on in pounds and come off in ounces and without seeing some promising results, many people give up dieting until they are forced to try again due to more weight gain.


Drinking plenty of alkaline water, coupled with a lower fat intake diet will go a long way toward helping lose weight.  Throwing in an hour of moderate exercise will help shed some of those pounds and keep them off.


 Healthy-life    During a five-year study it was proven that people who exercised for an hour a day not only lost weight, but kept that weight off.  You don’t have to exercise for an hour straight either to reap benefits. 

Break it up into twenty-minute intervals but try to pop a sweat in those twenty minutes.


Eat less fatty foods, exercise some each day, and drink plenty of alkaline water and watch those pounds melt away.


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