Cola Sales On The Decline Alkaline Water On The Rise


                                                          Soft Drink Sales Going Flat



The sale of those sugary colas that have for so long been a part of the Americana landscape are beginning to lose there fizz.


Recent studies and the data gathered from them, show a more health-conscious society buying less of those harmful sugar-laden drinks and instead, opting for healthier choices like alkaline water.


A demand for drinks with fewer calories coupled with a rejection of artificial sweeteners like diet sodas due to health concerns is helping to drive the change in consumer habits.  Sales of diet drinks are falling fast as well.


Amazingly, people are discovering that water is a nice alternative.  It contains no calories, has no artificial sweeteners or ingredients and is actually is good for you.  Go figure.


 Water 4 Squares


For the last decade, soft drink sales have been on the decline and in the last three years by an additional percentage point each year. 


Even diet sodas, which account for nearly a third of all soda sales in the United States, have declined three straight years with more and more people becoming fearful of the side effects of such artificial poisons as Aspartame.  Don’t believe Aspartame is bad for you?  Follow this link for an eye-opening and scary report.



While soft drink sales are on the decline, sales of drinking water are on the increase, especially ionized alkaline water.  Even though the sale of bottled water is booming, that too, may be trending downward.


The plastic bottles that contain the water are coming under heavy fire from environmentalists and consumers alike.  From the leaching of poisonous, petrol-based chemicals into the water when exposed to heat, to the billions of plastic bottles that dominate our landfills and waterways, plastic is really bad for everyone.





Why You Shouldn’t Drink Bottled Water


  • Chemicals the plastic is made from leak into the drinking water


  • You stop donating to the Eternal Landfill Club


  • You will save a lot of money over time and every time you drink water



Enjoy Pure Alkaline Water without the Plastic Bottle


While drinking water is a great alternative to colas and other soft drinks, wouldn’t it be great to drink pure, alkaline water everyday knowing that you are putting something good into your body and not polluting the planet?  Of course it would, and now you can.


Clean water is the foundation of our business at the Tyent Alkaline Water Company.  No company provides purer, virtually chemical free alkaline water that is rich in minerals and so cost effective.


Bottled water is bad for everybody.  About 25% of all bottled water is glorified tap water from some municipality.  City water, if you will.  How good can that be for you?


Add up the cost of pollution in landfills, fuels burned in transportation, grocery store mark-ups and you can see how owning an ionized alkaline water purifier from the Tyent Company is a sensible and superior option for daily drinking water. 


Did you know your goldfish couldn’t live in the tap water from your faucet?  That should tell you something about the quality of it.


So, while sweetened colas and diet drinks and other sodas are on the downhill slide, pure, delicious and inexpensive alkaline water is on the rise and for healthy reasons.



To learn more about this incredible alkaline water, please check us out at


You’ll be glad you did.



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